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The family photo

The family photo

Frankreich 2018 - mit Vanessa Paradis, Camille Cottin, Pierre Deladonchamps, Jean-Pierre Bacri ...

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Originaltitel:Photo de Famille
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Regie:Cécilia Rouaud
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 98 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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The siblings Gabrielle (Vanessa Paradis), Elsa (Camille Cottin) and Mao (Pierre Deladonchamps) have little to do with each other. They lead completely different lives, which do not exactly harmonize perfectly with each other. There are hardly any family reunions, since father Pierre (Jean-Pierre Bacri) and mother Claudine (Chantal Lauby) have been divorced for years. But when her grandfather dies and the demented grandmother (Claudette Walker) is left all alone, the family has to get together to make the old lady's time as pleasant as possible. But first of all the siblings and their parents have to get their own chaos under control… 

"The family photo" is characterized by complete freedom from surprises. The mixture of family comedy and drama is staged like a textbook and leaves hardly a cliché out. French cinema of this kind comes again and again to Germany and finds at least in the Arthaus cinemas quite also its audience. The second feature film by director Cécilia Rouaud will certainly succeed in this. Nevertheless, there won't be anyone who will remember this work in a year's time.  

For that the story is told too predictably and the characters are drawn too superficially. Yes, there are some very nice moments that touch the heart. And yes, there are also some good laughs. Some interesting and socially important topics are also addressed. However, the staging seems to be so much about not hurting anyone that all interesting and well-done aspects are too good and almost trivial at the end. This is - at least for friends of light French entertainment cinema - entertaining to watch. But shortly after the family photo has been viewed, it fades again.    

Whoever simply wants to switch off for about 90 minutes and doesn't care much about depth - even if he is a little pretended - is in good hands with "Das Familienfoto". Those who expect more from a French drama will probably leave the cinema very disappointed. Therefore the bottom line is: Only worth seeing with restrictions!

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  • The family photo
  • The family photo
  • The family photo
  • The family photo
  • The family photo
  • The family photo
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