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The Hannas

The Hannas

Deutschland 2016 - mit Anna König, Till Butterbach, Ines Marie Westernströer, Julia Becker ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Drama
Regie:Julia C. Kaiser
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 106 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Hans (Till Butterbach) and Anna (Anna König) are "The Hannas": A happy couple in their thirties. For fifteen years they have been together, enjoying the routine and their shared passion for cooking. The two of them are satisfied with this life without any big surprises. At least that's what they think. However, this changes when they meet the sisters Nico (Ines Marie Westernströer) and Kim (Julia Becker). Both start an affair - Hans with Kim and Anna with Nico - without knowing of each other's fraud. The affairs unleash hidden longings and suppressed passion, shaking the emotional fabric of the Hannas to its foundations. But even for Nico and Kim the encounter with the Hannas does not remain without consequences and stirs up an old trauma…

With her second feature film "The Hannas" director Julia C. Kaiser has staged an extremely unusual relationship story. It shows what can happen when routine makes you blind and longings are suppressed by the satisfaction you say. Their protagonists don't know that they are missing something until they are confronted with it in an unexpected and very drastic way. Kaiser designs what this means for their individual and common future in a very unconventional way. This applies to the dramaturgical aspect of the film as well as to the camera work or the actors' play, which seems improvised over long stretches.

No question: If you are used to German mainstream cinema first and foremost, a film like "Die Hannas" could be quite a strenuous experience for you. One must be able to engage with the unadapted staging in order to feel the power of aspects such as the sometimes very drastic contrast between comedic and very dark-dramatic elements. Those who succeed in doing so are offered a truly surprising deconstruction of a long-term relationship.

Julia C. Kaiser has made a film that raises interesting questions, such as to what extent compromises are good for a relationship or harm it, and whether individual happiness can be found as a couple or only alone. Who appreciates young German cinema with unspoilt actors and likes to move outside the well-trodden mainstream paths can definitely be recommended to this film. Worth seeing

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  • The Hannas
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  • The Hannas
  • The Hannas
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