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The Lodge - A Weekend with God

The Lodge - A Weekend with God

USA 2017 - mit Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Tim McGraw, Radha Mitchell, Graham Greene ...

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Originaltitel:The Shack
Regie:Stuart Hazeldine
Produktionsland:USA 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 133 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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For Mackenzie Phillips (Sam Worthington) his hitherto intact world collapses when his youngest daughter disappears on a family outing and it is soon certain that she has become the victim of a serial killer. Her trail is lost in an abandoned hut where a bloody garment of the girl is found. In his infinite grief Mack completely isolates himself from his environment. Neither his family nor his friends can reach him. When one day he receives a mysterious letter in which he is invited by "God" into the abandoned hut, he first believes in a sick joke. Yet he wants to know what awaits him in this place of his most painful memory. And so he sets off for a weekend that will change him forever…

The success story of the novel "The Hut - A Weekend with God" is really amazing: since no publisher wanted to publish the work of William Paul Young, he simply took matters into his own hands. Only one year later, the book was ranked first in the New York Times bestseller list, sold 10 million copies in the USA alone, and became an absolute bestseller in Germany with over one million books sold. A film adaptation was really only a question of time, especially since in America you can earn a lot of money with Christian movies. As a rule, these works cost comparatively little to produce, which is why the profit margin is all the greater. Quality is usually of secondary importance.

And so it was to be feared that "The Hut - A Weekend with God" would be flat propaganda for Christian hardliners, which is hardly bearable for all other viewers. Fortunately, that's not the case. Admittedly, some scenes are very thick and hard to swallow for viewers who don't regularly deal with religion or their own beliefs. It is also difficult to accept the argumentation that should lead Mack on the right way back to life at some points, because here things are compared with each other that are not really comparable (what it is about should not be revealed at this point for all those who have not read the book).

Although the film can still be described as very successful. For here it is less a question of whether God or the Trinity of the Father (or Mother), Son and Holy Spirit really exists. Of course, an answer to this question is strongly suggested, but in the end this remains an individual decision for every single viewer. No, it is rather a question of whether such an indescribable pain as the loss of a child can be overcome by forgiveness. Is the defiance of hatred and the desire for revenge the right way to heal one's own wounds and to regain life's beautiful sides? It is this question that the film explores in a pleasingly multi-layered and sensitive way.

The whole thing is carried by good actors and a coherent staging, which despite a running time of more than two hours hardly allows lengths to arise. Sure, especially towards the end the story becomes very kitschy and it would have been nice if director Stuart Hazeldine had worked a bit more subtly here. But all in all he succeeded in creating a moving adaptation of the bestseller, which makes you think even if you don't have much to do with religion otherwise. And despite the mentioned weak points there is a clear one: worth seeing!

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  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
  • The Lodge - A Weekend with God
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