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The middle of the world

The middle of the world

Deutschland 2016 - mit Louis Hofmann, Sabine Timoteo, Jannik Schümann, Ada Philine Stappenbeck ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Jakob M. Erwa
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2016
Laufzeit:Ca. 115 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Actually Phil (Louis Hofmann) sees himself as a very normal 17 year old boy from the country - just a little bit gay. As a child he had a very special relationship with his twin sister Diane (Ada Philine Stappenbeck). This was also enormously important because of the lack of a father and the always short guest performances of the lovers of her unadapted mother Glass (Sabine Timoteo). But now, when he returns home after a stay of several weeks in a language camp, Diane has completely returned to herself. And Glass also doesn't really want to talk to him about what happened during his absence. Only his best friend Kat (Svenja Jung) gives Phil back a piece of normality. Nevertheless: everything is somehow different and is completely turned upside down when Nicholas (Jannik Schümann), a new student in Phil's class, falls head over heels in love with the new one…

"Die Mitte der Welt" by Andreas Steinhöfel quickly became a bestseller in bookstores. Jakob M. Erwa has tried to adequately transfer the essence of the celebrated novel about the pitfalls of growing up to the canvas. In places, he has succeeded in doing this very well. But in other places the film suffers precisely from the problems that many book adaptations fail to solve. There is simply no time to work out all the characters and develop the story with all its facets. If this is quite complex, then it often leads to a film version that is either a bit superficial or simply overloaded. In this case, parts of the story work very well and can develop really well and excitingly. Others, on the other hand, seem a bit flat and maybe even superfluous, especially for viewers who aren't familiar with the book.

Another problem is the drawing of the characters, which in some cases is very clichéd. It may be that this works out well in the book, but in the film version it seems rather annoying and annoying at times. Certainly, the good intentions are always clear and the captivating visual language reconciles many an immature cliché. The actors are also convincing over long stretches, even if Louis Hofmann's play seems a bit too smooth and superimposed at the beginning - which, however, can also be due to the character, who at the beginning is still endowed with a certain naivety and unclouded joie de vivre, which are shaken by various events in the course of the story and put to a hard test.

"The Center of the World" is a good movie, but nothing more. The complexity and depth of history are rarely achieved here. Nevertheless, in some scenes Jakob M. Erwa succeeded very well in realizing the difficulties of growing up and the search for a place in this world. And that's why despite some weaknesses there is a very clear one: Worth seeing!

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  • The middle of the world
  • The middle of the world
  • The middle of the world
  • The middle of the world
  • The middle of the world
  • The middle of the world
  • The middle of the world
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