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The Parisian: Basque Country Mission

The Parisian: Basque Country Mission

Frankreich 2017 - mit Élodie Fontan, Florent Peyre, Daniel Prévost, Nicolas Bridet ...

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Originaltitel:Mission Pays Basque
Regie:Ludovic Bernard
Produktionsland:Frankreich 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 98 Min
FSK:From 0 years
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The young Parisian businesswoman Sibylle (Élodie Fontan) has a job that may not be very moral, but that gives her a luxurious life in the big city. She buys up small businesses for her company in order to make room for large, solvent chains. Their latest assignment takes them to the Basque Country, where an old-established family business is to be transformed into a modern supermarket. At first everything goes according to plan, until it turns out that the old shop owner, who sold his shop to Sibylle, is no longer legally competent and that she has to conclude the sale with his nephew Ramuntxo (Florent Peyre). But he's not even thinking about giving up the store. And so Sibylle has to go back to the little Basque village to bring out the heavier guns. But she quickly realizes that Ramuntxo and the other villagers are washed with all the water and that this task will be far more difficult to accomplish than previously thought…   

"The Parisian: Auftrag Baskenland" is a light comedy from France, that works really well in some moments, while other scenes just seem too exaggerated and hysterical. The successful moments are created - similar to the time of "Welcome to the Sch'tis" - by playing with the clichés about the inhabitants of the Basque Country. For the Paris businesswoman, this place is a real parallel universe, which director Ludovic Bernard draws with a wink of the eye. Also the good chemistry between Élodie Fontan and Florent Peyre doesn't only make for some very good laughs, but also for an overall atmosphere in which the viewer can relax and feel comfortable.

Leeven though it is not possible to maintain this atmosphere permanently. There is a storyline in which Ramuntxo is haunted by his past, which just doesn't really fit into the rest of the movie. The whole thing culminates in a completely exaggerated action sequence, which doesn't even fit into the charming humor at the beginning. Sure, there are still moments here that make you smile a little. Nonetheless, this part of the story just doesn't seem right at all and leaves you with a somewhat bland aftertaste.

However, we are quite honest: even without this weak point, "The Parisian: Order Basque Country" would not have won any major film awards. The film offers shallow pleasure, which can be well entertained over long distances and makes its audience laugh. If you don't expect more, you will also be able to overlook the really not very successful moments in the last act. And that's why there's still a solid one at the end of the day: Worth seeing!

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  • The Parisian: Basque Country Mission
  • The Parisian: Basque Country Mission
  • The Parisian: Basque Country Mission
  • The Parisian: Basque Country Mission
  • The Parisian: Basque Country Mission
  • The Parisian: Basque Country Mission
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