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The State Against Fritz Bauer

The State Against Fritz Bauer

Deutschland 2015 - mit Burghart Klaußner, Ronald Zehrfeld, Lilith Stangenberg, Sebastian Blomberg ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Lars Kraume
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2015
Laufzeit:Approx. 105 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Frankfurt am Main, 1957: The mood in the Federal Republic of Germany is one of optimism. People want to forget the horror of the Nazi regime and look to a better, happier future. But Attorney General Fritz Bauer (Burghart Klaußner) fights against forgetting: he wants to hold the perpetrators of the SS regime responsible for their crimes. However, not only in his own authority, but also in the secret services, politics and business, central positions are occupied by former National Socialists. And of course they want to prevent men like Bauer from exposing them and taking them to court with all their might. When Bauer receives a hint as to where the former SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann is supposed to be, he, with the help of the young public prosecutor Karl Angermann (Ronald Zehrfeld), begins investigations into the Eichmann case. And it doesn't take long until he feels a strong headwind from all sides. While the senior public prosecutor Ulrich Kreidler (Sebastian Blomberg) tries everything with the help of the BKA to discredit Bauer and silence him, he sees himself forced to ask for help elsewhere - which for him and Angermann could not only mean the end of their professional career...

"The State Against Fritz Bauer" is in principle the prelude to the excellent "In the Labyrinth of Silence". Both films should not only be an absolute must for school classes. Apart from the fact that director Lars Kraume is told a very important chapter of German post-war history and that Fritz Bauer, a key figure in the story, is paid a well-deserved tribute. He has also staged a very entertaining drama that is gripping in almost every second, which is told with astonishing biting humor and then again reveals the traits of a first-class political thriller.

The story the film tells is probably largely unknown, especially to younger viewers - just like Fritz Bauer. In this respect, Kraume's film does important educational work here. The fact that this isn't done in a completely brain-bound and dry way is to be credited to the director, but also to his actors. The praise is primarily for a great Burghart Klaußner, who brings the uncompromising Attorney General almost perfectly to life. Coupled with a well researched script and a harmonious set, this is an exciting testimony to the times.

Kraume and his co-author Olivier Guez also allowed themselves some small dramaturgical freedoms. So the figure of Karl Angermann is about 100% fictitious. But he still plays a central role, representing a young, idealistic generation of prosecutors who were instrumental in bringing to justice those responsible for the Nazi regime. In addition, the subject of homosexuality could be incorporated in a very sensitive but nevertheless significant way through his character.

"Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer" is another impressive example of the fact that sophisticated cinema and entertainment are not mutually exclusive and that contemporary history can also be conveyed in a really exciting and entertaining way. Moreover, the film is a great acting movie and therefore deserves an "Absolutely worth seeing" more than it deserves!

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  • The State Against Fritz Bauer
  • The State Against Fritz Bauer
  • The State Against Fritz Bauer
  • The State Against Fritz Bauer
  • The State Against Fritz Bauer
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