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The Story of Film - DVD

The Story of Film - DVD

Großbritannien 2011 - mit Mark Cousins ...


Originaltitel:The Story of Film
Regie:Mark Cousins
Produktionsland:Großbritannien 2011
Laufzeit:Ca. 915 min.
FSK:From 12 years
Anzahl der Disc:5
Sprachen:German, English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Bildformat:16:9 (1.77:1)
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Amazon Link : The Story of Film - DVD

Content: The fact that film critic, director and presenter Mark Cousins is a passionate film lover has been proven not only in his TV show "Scene by Scene", in various articles and publications, but especially in his extensive book "The Story of Film". Now Cousins was able to adapt his highly acclaimed work into a ten-part series in which he takes his audience on an exciting and often surprising journey through the history of cinema. He visits the birthplaces of film, talks to many filmmakers and takes a close look at trend-setting film classics. He visits film studios all over the world and shows how colorful the film landscape beyond Hollywood is.

"The Story of Film" is divided into temporal blocks, but is still not really a straight-lined historical film treatise. Since Cousins uses numerous examples to illustrate how much directors from different epochs influence each other, the individual episodes sometimes have very large jumps in time. This may seem a little confusing at first glance. But by establishing such connections, the various aspects that are illuminated here are brought much closer to the viewer than would have been the case if Cousins had adhered strictly to a chronological treatise.

What makes the documentary series so special are the themes and films that Cousins illuminates more closely. Of course, he also deals with the great events such as the introduction of sound and colour film, the end of the celluloid era and the beginning of the digital age. Of course, he acknowledges the importance of well-known personalities like Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, James Dean, Stanley Kubrick or Quentin Tarantino and does not leave out trend-setting blockbusters like "Star Wars". Anything else would have been impossible for a serious documentary about the history of the film. But in large parts of the ten episodes Cousins moves outside Hollywood and takes a close look at the film industry in Europe, China, India, South America, Africa and Japan.

One quickly notices that Cousins approached this documentary with great enthusiasm and that he has a pleasantly idealistic opinion about cinema. While many of his colleagues regard the film industry as a soulless system governed by lawyers and studio bosses, cousins know that it's not money, marketing or the studios that produce films, but visual ideas. And how different they look and how much they have changed over the years, but at the same time have remained the same in essence, he makes clear in the ten hours in an exciting, entertaining and very enlightening way.

Even if you can't share the enthusiasm of cousins for certain films or directors in every moment, the high entertainment value and enormous information content of "The Story of Film" doesn't change anything at all. If you are interested in film theory or film history, if you love cinema and want to intensify this love, this DVD box is an absolute must for you! Absolutely worth seeing!

Picture + Sound: Of course, some weaknesses such as blurring, image noise or slight soiling are recognizable in the older film clips. All in all, however, the visual implementation of the documentation leaves an impression that is just as satisfying as the sound, which makes the interviews and comments sound very powerful and easy to understand. Good!

Extras: Additional bonus material is not available in this box.

Conclusion: "The Story of Film" is a very extensive, complex and exciting journey through the history of cinema, in which Mark Cousins shows not only how political and social events are reflected in the films of their time, but also how much filmmakers are influenced by the work of their colleagues. In ten episodes, Cousins reveals how filmmaking has changed over the decades, both in terms of content and technology, and how multi-faceted the film landscape is, especially beyond Hollywood. If you're interested in film theory and history, you simply can't get past this great DVD box. absolutely recommended!

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