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The tobacconist

The tobacconist

Deutschland/Österreich 2018 - mit Simon Morzé, Bruno Ganz, Johannes Kirsch, Emma Drogunova, Regina Fritsch ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Nikolaus Leytner
Produktionsland:Deutschland/Österreich 2018
Laufzeit:About 113 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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Vienna in 1937: 17-year-old Franz (Simon Morzé) is sent by his mother from the small village of Attersee to the big city to work for the tobacconist Otto Trsnjek (Johannes Krisch). In the small tobacco shop the boy should learn to respond to the wishes of the customers, so that the regular customers leave the shop satisfied. Among them is the world-famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (Bruno Ganz), with whom Franz quickly became friends. Especially when the boy falls in love with the vaudeville dancer Anezka (Emma Drogunova), he hopes for Freud's advice. But he can't really help him and so Franz has to fight for his love on his own, while the city is shaken by Hitler's invasion…

With the film adaptation of Robert Seethaler's novel "Der Trafikant" director Nikolaus Leytner has staged a beautiful, albeit at times somewhat tough coming-of-age story. In addition to the actors, the equipment and the camera work must also be positively mentioned here in any case. Especially the visual language of the film is always of special power, which is always intensified when dream sequences are used. These are visually the strongest moments of the film. The story itself is moving and is told very thoughtfully at times, then again with subtle humour. What Leytner skilfully avoids, however, is to be applied too thickly and to fall into patterns, which one should have expected as a viewer with some aspects of this topic.

The fact that the film does not become sentimental does not mean that it does not touch, saddens and angers and at the same time counteracts these negative feelings with hope. Leytner manages this in a pleasantly unagitated way, which makes some lengths, which may result from it, quite forgivable. The conversations between Franz and Freud, who is routinely and charmingly embodied by Bruno Ganz, are particularly enjoyable. Franz has great respect for the great thinker, but his advice is not always consistent with what he experiences in Vienna. He must liberate himself from his youthful naivety in the shortest possible time and grow up in order to be able to assert himself in a world that has changed far too quickly. This goes far beyond his love for Anezka, which of course makes the development of this character enormously exciting - not only for a psychoanalyst like Sigmund Freud, but also for the cinema audience.

"The tobacconist" may not be exploiting his full potential. But in the end the strengths clearly outweigh the few weaknesses. Not a very big, but unfortunately quite more topical and important, yet also quite entertaining movie. And that's also very clear: worth seeing!

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  • The tobacconist
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  • The tobacconist
  • The tobacconist
  • The tobacconist
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