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There's still something going on

There's still something going on

Deutschland 2013 - mit Florian David Fitz, Henry Hübchen, Leslie Malton, Marius Haas, Thekla Reuten ...

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Regie:Holger Haase
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 101 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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A visit to his parents always ends with Conrad (Florian David Fitz) being annoyed by his father Carl (Henry Hübchen), who is constantly criticizing him, and all attempts by mother Helene (Leslie Malton) to mediate fail. Therefore, the successful businessman has avoided visiting his old home as best he can in recent years. But Mama's birthday is one of the few obligatory dates he has to attend. But this year there is not the big surprise for the birthday child, but for the annoyed Filius. Because he is opened with a meal together by Helene that she has left Carl after 40 years of marriage. Completely perplexed by this message, Conrad cannot help but agree to his mother's request for an errand to his parents' house. But soon he bitterly regrets having accepted this order. Because not only does he find Carl living in absolute chaos and bathing in self-pity. The man who is left sitting falls into the empty pool and injures himself. Of course, Conrad can't leave his father alone in this state, although his wife Tamara (Thekla Reuten) is already waiting for him and son Jonas (Marius Haas) in their holiday home. Conrad and Jonas are forced to camp out in Conrad's old youth room and it doesn't take long until this involuntary three-generation flat-sharing community is in a state of crash…

With his cinema debut "There's still something going on" director Holger Haase has staged an amusing family comedy of a somewhat different kind, in which he confronts apparent egoists with cross-generational problems of the amorous kind. Because love is a real mystery not only for the shy teenage son Jonas, but also for Papa Conrad and Grandpa Carl. So anyone who believes that they have all the answers to the questions that rob them of sleep and make their hearts race at a young age is mistaken. At the same time, the movie is also a very charming father-son story, in which two stubborn heads get in the way of each other's happiness and a harmonious relationship.

This isn't really new and is also told by Haase in a more familiar manner. There are some clichés creeping into the dramaturgy and many a gag has an undeniable recognition value. The fact that the movie works out so well and looks pleasantly fresh for most of the time is due to a rather relaxed direction and an infectiously good-humored cast. Henry Hübchen once again proves himself to be the nation's best stink boot at the moment, while Florian David Fitz performs a successful grand hike between good comedic timing and credibly more emotional moments. Even though the other actors are pushed a little aside by the excellent interplay of the two, they also leave a thoroughly positive impression.

Though they have to play their way through some not so well done moments, in which the humor seems a bit bumpy. But in the end a very positive overall impression prevails, which is also achieved by the fact that the very emotional turn of the story isn't served with too much sentimentality. The fact that there is always a little bit of humour flashing through here doesn't diminish the emotional effect of the last third. Quite the opposite: although it gets a little sad, the viewer is still released from the cinema with a very positive feeling. Thus, "Da geht noch was" offers a total of 100 very enjoyable minutes, during which you can confidently overlook some small lengths and not so well done scenes. A beautiful three-generation story that can be warmly recommended to all friends of German comedies of the not-so-silly kind. Worth seeing

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  • There's still something going on
  • There's still something going on
  • There's still something going on
  • There's still something going on
  • There's still something going on
  • There's still something going on
  • There's still something going on
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