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Three Hours

Three Hours

Deutschland 2012 - mit Claudia Eisinger, Nicholas Reinke, Lucy Wirth, Peter Nitzsche, Matthias Brenner ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Comedy, Romance
Regie:Boris Kunz
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2012
Laufzeit:Ca. 100 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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When the reserved Martin (Nicholas Reinke) gets to know the impulsive Isabel (Claudia Eisinger), he quickly gets enthusiastic about her. Isabel is a woman who fights for her convictions and meets her fellow men with disarming honesty. She, on the other hand, has little to do with the dreamer Martin at first. Only when she finds out that he is working on a fantastic play does a long conversation develop between the two, followed by a deep friendship. No matter whether Isabel is in town or once again in a remote place struggling to make the world a better place, the two are now one heart and one soul. They talk about everything and are each other's closest confidants. But there is one thing they have never talked about before: their feelings towards each other. When Isabel wants to go to Mail for three years and kisses Martin goodbye, he realises that he must act now. He reveals his feelings to a completely bewildered Isabel at the check-in desk. Martin, completely overwhelmed by his declaration of love, leaves it in the departure hall and sets out to board the plane. But then she learns that the departure is delayed by several hours. Enough time to settle things with Martin. But first Isabel has to admit what she really feels for her best friend…

"Three Hours" is a very charming romantic comedy in itself, which can score with likeable actors and some very nice ideas. The chemistry between Claudia Eisinger ("13 semesters") and Nicholas Reinke ("Buddenbrooks") is very harmonious and it is easy to believe that they are good friends, but there is also a lot of excitement between them. Their play and many elements of the staging make the viewer realize that the film was staged with a lot of heart and soul. Especially the finale is quite magical and should give some uninhibited romantics a goose bump.

Nevertheless there are some elements that stand in the way of a thoroughly positive overall impression. Just like its main characters, the film tries to be a bit cramped, unadapted and doesn't follow the rules of common romantic comedies. At the same time, however, completely worn out clichés are repeatedly used, which are simply completely unnecessary. Of course, the taxi driver must be a rough Berliner, who in the end shows a big heart. Of course, the hardened officials have to speak with a Bavarian accent, while the main characters all speak High German. And of course artists always have a bottle of wine at home, while the fridge is more or less empty. The way Martin and Isabel miss each other again and again is anything but original.

Boris Kunz has staged a movie that is really nice in its core, but which suffers from the fact that it wants to be special, even though it's only very ordinary. If some meanwhile only boring clichés had been avoided and the sometimes very amusing word fights had been written a bit more biting, then "Three Hours" could have been really special - namely especially beautiful. So the movie is "only" nice entertainment, that doesn't really hurt, but also doesn't completely enthral you. Therefore: only for friends of German romantic arthouse comedies with some compromises worth seeing!

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