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Tiger milk

Tiger milk

Deutschland 2017 - mit Flora Li Thiemann, Emily Kusche, David Ali Rashed, Gisa Flake ...

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Regie:Ute Wieland
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 106 Min
FSK:From 12 years
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Nini (Flora Li Thiemann) and Jameelah (Emily Kusche) have been best friends for years. The 14-year-old girls are inseparable and go through thick and thin in all situations. Especially for Jameelah, a particularly exciting time in her young life is now dawning, as she and her mother (Narges Rashidi) will shortly be deciding on her application for naturalization. And even if Jameelah and Nini like to rebel a bit, the girl with Iraqi roots knows that she doesn't want to take any risks to endanger the much longed-for naturalization. But then the girlfriends witness a terrible crime. And suddenly not only Jameelah's future in Germany is at stake, but also the so far unshakeable friendship of the girls…

"Tigermilch", the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stefanie de Velasco, is a very ambitious film. Somewhat too ambitious, because director Ute Wieland ("Cheeky Girls") puts so many topics - banal as well as relevant - into the almost 100 minutes film that most of them can only be treated superficially. In principle, that wouldn't be too bad, because the main purpose here is to trace an authentic teenage life in an apartment block in Berlin. When it comes to the "first time" or the consumption of the titular tiger milk - a mixture of passion fruit juice, milk and brandy - it is not tragic if this is told without real dramaturgical depth.

Other this behaves with topics like deportation or honour murder. Here any form of superficiality is simply annoying. There is no doubt about it, Ute Wieland endeavours to tackle such difficult issues sensitively. Yet, the movie as a whole is just too overloaded, so that it simply lacks the time to give them the necessary depth. It doesn't help that the young actresses in particular deliver absolutely convincing performances.

What is also somewhat disturbing is the strong discrepancy between the very simple youth language in which the protagonists talk to each other and the very stressful way in which Nini talks to the viewers in her voice-over comments. That doesn't seem authentic, but simply too stilted. All in all, it becomes clear both in the dialogues and in the dramaturgy as a whole that less would have been significantly more. "Tigermilch" is certainly not a bad movie, the actors and the intentions behind the story prevent that. But well meant is unfortunately still not well done. And that is why the bottom line is that there is only one portion of "tiger milk" for this too powerful portion: Worth seeing with some concessions!

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  • Tiger milk
  • Tiger milk
  • Tiger milk
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