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Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream

Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream

USA 2013 - mit den deutschen Stimmen von Malte Arkona, Giovanni Zarrella, Manuel Cortez ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Genre:Animation, Children's Movie
Regie:David Soren
Produktionsland:USA 2013
Laufzeit:Ca. 96 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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Day after day the small snail Turbo has to do the same monotonous work in a tomato patch. Turbo knows that the survival of the snail community to which he and his brother Chet belong depends on the tomatoes. Still, he'd much rather be somewhere else. Because Turbo dreams of being a real racing snail and as such will once participate in the legendary Indianapolis 500 race. But this is of course only a fantasy, even though Turbo can cover 90 centimeters in breathtakingly fast 17 minutes. When the snail is blown onto the hood of a sports car one night during a trip on a motorway overpass and sucked into the ventilation, the unbelievable happens: The nitrogen oxide of the engine changes Turbo's molecular structure and turns the slow creeper into a lightning-fast racing snail. His newly gained strength benefits him immediately when Chet is kidnapped the next day by birds that the nimble turbo pursues across the city. This is where Turbo's speed is proving to be more than just a rescue for Chet. Because when the snail brothers fall into the hands of the snack owner Tito and the Turbos discovers talent, his goal of becoming a great racing star comes closer and closer…

"Turbo - Little snail, big dream" is a nice animated film that has some nice ideas and lovely characters to offer. But despite some good laughs and some lovely ideas, the snail version of "Fast & Furious" lacks the right kick to stand out from the mass of animated films. The hustle and bustle in the tomato patch is full of nice ideas and here and there you can even see astonishing biting humor. And also the racing snail troop, which Turbo gets to know at Tito, are very funny and original especially for younger spectators. Anyway, smaller viewers in particular should be absolutely thrilled by the snail-racer and his friends, as the racing scenes in 3D are so thrillingly staged, that you like to be feverish with Turbo.

The humor is more child-friendly overall, but there are also some nice jokes every now and then, which especially adult viewers can amuse themselves with. But all in all it goes rather harmlessly to the point, which also applies to the story itself. There are no real surprises or characters that stand out like the penguins in "Madagascar", the Minions in "I - Simply Incorrigible" or Rodent Scrat in the "Ice Age" movies. Without real highlights the whole thing splashes to an end filled with excessive pathos. What remains is the feeling of having been well entertained. But Turbo and his friends can't leave a lasting impression either.

"Turbo - Small snail, big dream" has the heart in the right place, there's no question about it. The animation adventure is full of good approaches and can also convince on a visual level. For little cartoon fans from the age of 6, a clear recommendation can therefore be made, as the film is really fun for children. But if you expect more from a 3D animation movie than 90 minutes of harmless popcorn entertainment, if you hope for cult characters and big laughs, you'll crawl out of the cinema disappointed. Therefore: as a children's film absolutely worth watching, as a cartoon pleasure for the whole family only with a few exceptions still recommended!

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  • Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream
  • Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream
  • Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream
  • Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream
  • Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream
  • Turbo - Small Snail, Big Dream
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