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Two days, one night

Two days, one night

Belgien/Italien/Frankreich 2014 - mit Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongione, Pili Groyne, Simon Caudry ...

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Originaltitel:Deux Jours, Une Nuit
Regie:Jean-Pierre und Luc Dardenne
Produktionsland:Belgien/Italien/Frankreich 2014
Laufzeit:Approx. 95 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Just now the unstable Sandra (Marion Cotillard) is getting her life back under control when she receives a bad news: in the course of economy measures her job should be rationalized. In order to calm the minds of the employees, they are to receive a one-off bonus payment in return. Only if the workforce decides unanimously against the money, Sandra could keep her job. After the vote has been negatively influenced by misinformation, Sandra manages, with the help of a colleague, to persuade her boss to schedule a second vote. Now she still has 48 hours to convince her colleagues to waive the bonus payment. Two days and one night she has time to fight for solidarity - in a climate of economic insecurity, growing poverty and unemployment…

"Two days, one night" is the latest work of the Dardenne brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc. As in their last film "Der Junge auf dem Fahrrad" (The Boy on the Bicycle), in this drama they again rely on a very authentic, almost documentary staging that dispenses with common cinematic stylistic devices such as music or a clearly structured dramaturgy. Instead, the viewer is thrown directly into the "story" and in the end is also left hanging in the air in a certain way. This may seem unadulterated and realistic, but is also rather difficult for a broad audience to access.

With the help of a small story, major social problems are dealt with here. The global financial crisis, the insecure job market or the feeling of a lack of solidarity in difficult times are unfortunately all topics that not only Sandra is confronted with, but that many viewers can also understand. The very good game of Marion Cotillard alone is enough to sweep you away in the seemingly hopeless struggle of a desperate woman for her job - provided that there is a weakness for films in which reality is portrayed as authentically as possible. But since cinema is still a way for most viewers to escape reality, the question must be allowed as to why one should spend money to watch a woman go from door to door, to be confronted again and again with a lack of perspective, fear, egoism or mendacity.

"Two days, one night" is not an entertainment film, not a story that really gives hope or leaves a lasting impression. The director-brothers rather have a really frustrating image of a society that is driven by fears of the future to the effect that everyone is next to himself. Certainly, there are also small moments of hope that show that many people have the will to solidarity. But all in all the movie leaves a rather sobering and depressing impression. It's hard to recommend someone to spend money on it. For those who like socially critical arthouse cinema, which is characterized by good acting and an authentic staging, this drama can definitely be recommended. If you need something similar to entertainment for a successful, relaxed cinema evening, this work will be of little use to you. Therefore applies: Worth seeing only with reservation!

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