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Under German beds

Under German beds

Deutschland 2017 - mit Veronica Ferres, Heiner Lauterbach, Magdalena Boczarska, Eray Egilmez ...

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Regie:Jan Fehse
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 100 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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A life in glamour and luxury - Justyna Polanska (Magdalena Boczarska) can only dream of it. But she also knows that not all that glitters is gold. As a cleaning lady with the rich and beautiful, she gets many intimate insights that her employers naturally do not want to share with the public. She has also been cleaning for a long time at the producer Friedrich Berger (Heiner Lauterbach). And so she also noticed how he repeatedly cheated on his girlfriend, pop star Linda Lehmann (Veronica Ferres) and dropped her after an embarrassing TV appearance. Justyna has no pity for her, because Linda always treated her like dirt. But when the abandoned woman wants to save her career, wants to break into Friedrich's house and is caught by Justyna, the events turn upside down: Justyna breaks her hand through Linda's guilt and now has to hand over her tasks to the pop singer. In return, she lets the singer into the studio of her employer. When Linda also moves into Justyna's shared flat, the chaos seems perfect…

2011, a certain Justyna Polanska caused a stir with her humorous book of revelations "Unter deutschen Betten - Eine polnische Putzfrau auspackt". The Polish woman, who naturally wanted to remain unrecognised, had the aim of using the book not only to entertain, but also to draw attention to the situation of the cleaning staff, who often have to work below the minimum wage and are exposed to humiliation or racism. In fact, however, the pseudonym did not conceal a genuine Polish cleaning woman, but rather the non-fiction author Holger Schlageter, whose fictional character emerged from conversations with a genuine Polish cleaning woman and other cleaners.

The great success of the book not only led to a second volume, but also to the sale of the film rights. The adaptation by director Jan Fehse is only loosely based on the bestseller. Rather, Justyna's experiences serve only as a loose frame for the story of one-hit wonder Linda Lehmann, who desperately fights for her comeback in the pop heaven. This dramaturgical decision is one of the main reasons why this clobber does not work. Of course, it is quite amusing to see Veronica Ferres or Heiner Lauterbach making a fool of themselves with obvious joy of playing. But the film almost completely misses the actual theme of the book and as a comedy it is unfortunately one thing: funny!

Because even more than the book, the film sinks into worn clichés and even the gags seem to have been dug out of the moth box. The fact that almost every supposedly funny moment is accompanied by the first bars of a cover version of Britney Spears hit "Baby, One more time" gets on your nerves as quickly as the bad hits of Linda Lehmann. It gets really embarrassing, though, when the movie tries to add a hint of depth to the plot after a lot of jokes and calamities at the end.

"Under German Beds" is a wasted opportunity to stage a biting satire. The result is a really flat comedy, tailor-made for an effortful Veronica Ferres, who, like her character, gives everything to please the audience, but ultimately fails because of the script and the production, which lacks any subtlety. I'd rather clean under your beds than spend money on this comedy. Only very limited for fans of movies like "Antonio, ihm schmeckt`s nicht" or "Macho Man" just worth seeing!

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  • Under German beds
  • Under German beds
  • Under German beds
  • Under German beds
  • Under German beds
  • Under German beds
  • Under German beds
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