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Deutschland 2018 - mit Johannes Zeiler, Peter Jordan, Florian Brückner, Anna Maria Sturm, Fabian Hinrichs ...

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Regie:Oliver Haffner
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2018
Laufzeit:Ca. 123 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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District Administrator Hans Schuierer (Johannes Zeiler) is desperate: His district in the Upper Palatinate groans at the beginning of the 1980s under increasing unemployment and lack of prospects. And a solution for the problems does not seem to be in sight - until the Bavarian state government approaches Schuierer with its plans to build a nuclear reprocessing plant in the municipality of Wackersdorf. This brings many jobs and economic upswing, which the region so urgently needs. The district administrator expected that there would also be resistance to the plans. Despite some protests, he is fully behind the project. Until the Free State takes action without a legal basis against the peaceful protests of a citizens' initiative to preserve the nature of their homeland. Now doubts arise in Schuierer and he begins to seriously question the plans. But he automatically messes with the powerful Strauß government - and he is not a small district administrator…

"Wackersdorf" tells the true story of a now legendary protest movement, although the film is set in the 1980s, with its message for democracy and civic engagement against political arbitrariness today more relevant than ever. It would have been easy to stage this story as a one-sided protest march, as a hymn to the opponents of nuclear power and as an abusive poem on politics and large corporations. In a way, the movie may be just that. But especially at the beginning director Oliver Haffner tries to get a much more differentiated view.

And this is exactly the strength of the Polit drama. Haffner traces very well why a local politician like Schuierer saw the construction of the WAA as a blessing for his district. Why many citizens also saw in it a long-awaited glimmer of hope. It shows very well how important it is to always look at both sides. Something that's getting lost more and more these days. Whoever believes that he is right, no matter on which side he stands, hardly takes the trouble to openly consider the arguments of the opposite side or to listen to the fears and worries of others and take them seriously. This creates trenches, aggression and alienation. What the film shows using the example of a small community in the 1980s can unfortunately be observed throughout Germany today.

Now such a film could easily have become a drama of concern imbued with a clearly positioned moral. But Haffner succeeds well in incorporating a little bit of humor, slightly cynical irony and a certain lightness into the dramaturgy, so that the movie remains extremely entertaining for two hours despite a not exactly easy topic. An entertaining, exciting and instructive film that shows how important it is to stand up for one's own convictions, but also that it is no less important to think outside the box. An important piece of entertainment cinema and therefore also: Absolutely worth seeing!

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