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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

Deutschland 2012 - mit Nicole Busch, Chris Fano, Sven Fronecke, Gregor Knape, Dirk Neumann ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Regie:Andreas Geiger
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2012
Laufzeit:Approx. 94 min.
FSK:From 6 years
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Everywhere in Germany forests, meadows and fields change with beautiful regularity into mystical worlds, in which elves, demons, orcs, magicians and witches meet in the eternal fight good against evil. Usually they are only small groups of these beings, but from time to time up to 8,000 like-minded people come together to escape everyday life in a very special way. Anyone who believes that these people are a small group of nerds who are far removed from reality is mistaken. In Germany alone, almost 250,000 members belong to the live role-playing community. Among them are teachers, artists, politicians, technicians - ordinary people from different strata of society. It is a colourful troupe that unites one thing: their love and passion for role-playing.

In "Wochenendkrieger" filmmaker Andreas Geiger accompanies five of these people through their fantasy world and their everyday life, creating a charming portrait of a community that is often smiled at by outsiders, but which means a lot to its members than simply dressing up a little on weekends. The documentary focuses on Sven, an assembly worker at VW in Wolfsburg, who becomes the gardener of the oily pestilence in the role-plays, the teacher Chris, who turns into the evil ruler of emptiness, the make-up artist Gregor alias Erzmagier Lamathiel, the fashion design student Nicole, who becomes the queen of the elves, and Dirk, who repeatedly exchanges his job as secretary to the Greens for his role as ruler of the undead flesh.

The film juxtaposes scenes from the role plays with insights into the everyday life of the protagonists and spices the whole thing up with some very open interview sequences. That is sometimes very amusing, for example when Gregor leads the audience through the warehouse of his costume and accessories store or when it is shown how an old workers' flag from GDR times has become a mermaid costume. But there are also some very moving scenes, for instance when Nicole tells us how she developed her love for the fantasy worlds.

In many moments it would have been easy for the director to expose his protagonists to ridicule. But that doesn't happen at any moment. Rather, the film makes clear how much effort and love the completely different people invest in their passion and how much they profit from the role plays in their "normal" lives. The fact that the whole thing is presented with a very charming twinkle in the eye and by the five portrayed persons sometimes with a bit of self-irony lends the documentary a pleasant lightness, which makes it extremely entertaining and worth seeing despite some small lengths. So if you want to take a look at the very special world of live role-playing games, don't miss the "weekend warriors"!

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  • Weekend Warriors
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Weekend Warriors
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