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Whatever happens

Whatever happens

Deutschland 2017 - mit Fahri Yardim, Sylvia Hoeks, David Zimmerschied, Amelie Kiefer, Bastian Hagen ...

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Genre:Drama, Romance
Regie:Niels Laupert
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2017
Laufzeit:Ca. 101 Min
FSK:From 6 years
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It begins like a romance, as it has been told to us countless times in cinema: After Julian (Fahri Yardim) and Hannah (Sylvia Hoeks) become roommates out of necessity, they (apparently) don't like each other at first. That goes even so far that they want to dissolve their WG already after short time again. But then they discover feelings for each other and begin a passionate relationship, which seems to culminate in great love. And then they lived happily ever after? Oh, no! Oh, no! After a short time Hannah gets pregnant, which does not fit into her professional plans at all. And so they decide that photographer Julian will look after their daughter, while Hannah commutes regularly to Frankfurt after a short maternity leave to make a career there. Seven years later father and daughter are a well-rehearsed team - but between Julian and Hannah every passion seems to have died out…

The idea of "Whatever happens" is not new, but always good. To tell a love story where most movies stop. What happens after the supposed happy ending? The great love remains when everyday life begins. Do the violins still play when the lovers are confronted with the normal stumbling blocks of a relationship? It's also nice that director and scriptwriter Niels Laupert turns the tide a little by being the woman in his story who is allowed to make a career while the man stays home. This results in a really interesting conflict situation. When Hannah realizes that her daughter has a much closer relationship to Julian and that she is becoming more and more estranged from both, then this gives the story an additional emotional component.

However, unfortunately it is not possible to play out the resulting potential. The staging remains rather distanced in the effort to be realistic rather than kitschy. Despite the really good game of Fahri Yardim and Sylvia Hoeks the characters seem strangely undercooled. An emotional relationship between the protagonists on screen and the viewer just doesn't want to develop. In addition, the conflicts are increasingly repeated, so that the dramatic tension curve at some point only runs horizontally.

All this could have been balanced with a really good, emotional and also surprising final. But this is precisely where Laupert packs deep into the kitsch and cliché box in order to impose a happy end on the audience that can hardly be surpassed in arbitrariness. Of course it is nice to see the people you have accompanied for about 100 minutes happy in the end. But that could also have been less constructed and more predictable. "Whatever happens has many good ingredients: A nice idea, some very emotional moments and two good main actors. And yet, in the end, only a too shallow rippling drama emerged. Whatever happens - I don`t care! Only conditionally worth seeing!

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