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Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy

Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy

Argentinien/Spanien 2014 - mit Ricardo Darín, Darío Grandinetti, Oscar Martinez, Rita Cortese, Érica Rivas ...

Die Frankfurt-Tipp Bewertung:


Originaltitel:Relatos Salvajes
Regie:Damián Szifrón
Produktionsland:Argentinien/Spanien 2014
Laufzeit:Ca. 122 min.
FSK:From 12 years
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What do the passengers on board an airplane have, the service of a fast food restaurant (Julieta Zylberberg) confronted with an extremely unpleasant guest (César Bordón), a businessman (Leonardo Sbaraglia) who is on a country road with a prolific provocateur (Walter Donado) on each other's equipment, an explosives expert (Ricardo Dar&...iacute;n), who is annoyed about his towed car, a heavy rich magnate (Oscar Martinez), whose son ran over a pregnant woman and a young bride (Érica Rivas), who learns at her wedding that her husband (Diego Gentile) had an affair with a colleague, in common? They all find themselves in extreme situations in which they act completely against their real nature. Actually not surprising, because everybody goes crazy!

"Wild Tales - Everybody goes crazy" is a very weird episodic film, which goes into its fullest with the opening episode. What happens in the first minutes on board an airplane and in what completely bizarre resolution this ends, can hardly be surpassed in original malice. But director Damián Szifrón has many more strange ideas to offer, with which he drives his protagonists to the brink of a nervous breakdown in six episodes. However, he also has to struggle with the typical problems that can be found in almost every episode movie. Here too, not all stories work equally well.

While the prologue is a wonderful one, the escalating dispute between two drivers is a lot of fun even without many words and the fight of a frustrated man against the apparent arbitrariness of the traffic police culminates in great anarchy, the final wedding episode is far too long and too tough. And also the attempt of a wealthy man to save his son from prison belongs despite a good idea and some successful moments to the low points of the black comedy.

The situations, with which Szifrón confronts his characters, as well as their reactions to it, are of course very exaggerated. Nonetheless, the stories are very universal in their own way, which is why the viewer can recognize one or the other situation and therefore also understand the extreme reactions. It's precisely because the movie reacts to everyday annoyances beyond all the rules of civil society that the movie is really a lot of fun in a very gloating way. Even though "Wild Tales - Everybody goes crazy" is a bit too long with two hours and one could have gladly done without the last episode, the comedy co-produced by Pedro Almodovar is absolutely worth seeing for lovers of evil, politically incorrect comedy food. Only for imitation the nasty stories are not recommended!

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  • Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy
  • Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy
  • Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy
  • Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy
  • Wild Tales - Everyone goes crazy
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