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You drive me crazy]

You drive me crazy]

Deutschland 2012

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Regie:Andrea Thiele und Lia Jaspers
Produktionsland:Deutschland 2012
Laufzeit:Ca. 87 min.
FSK:From 0 years
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The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Andrea Thiele and Lia Jaspers accompany three people of different nations who have to get their driving license in foreign countries and are confronted not only with partly quite absurd traffic rules, but also with completely different mentalities. This very special culture clash is certainly not always easy for the student drivers, but it is all the more amusing for the viewers of the documentary "You drive me crazy".

The film takes the American Jake through the streets of Tokyo, fights with the German Mirela through the chaotic traffic conditions of Mumbai and observes the South Korean Hye-Won in her attempts to meet the demands of the German traffic regulations in Munich. The sometimes very amusing glimpses of the driving lessons that these three protagonists have to take, of course, serve only as a starting point for portraying their dealings with foreign cultures, their lives far from home and their attempts to adapt.

This is sometimes very funny, sometimes surprising, a little surprising or very touching. The fact that the filmmakers manage to get all this out of filming driving lessons makes this entertaining documentary so worth seeing. The moments between Hye-Won and her typical Bavarian driving instructor as well as the scenes, in which Jakes drives the Japanese driving instructor Tetsuya to despair, are among the humorous highlights of the film. But even if Mirela learns that it is not possible for her to rent a car without a driver in Mumbai and that as a student driver she is not taken very seriously at first, or if Jake learns that in Japan one has a better chance of obtaining a driving license if one appears with a tie for the test, the entertainment value of "You drive me crazy" is very high. And even in the credits the viewer is made to laugh again when a text board brings the story of Mirela to a wonderful end.

Andrea Thiele and Lia Jaspers have made an entertaining Culture Clash documentary out of a simple basic idea, which works very well as a turbulent story of three driving students as well as a portrait of cities and cultures. The two Munich women have mixed information content and entertainment value in equal parts into an entertaining whole, for which there can only be one judgement in the end: Passed!

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  • You drive me crazy]
  • You drive me crazy]
  • You drive me crazy]
  • You drive me crazy]
  • You drive me crazy]
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