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Barrier-free Cinema at the ASTOR Film Lounge Frankfurt

Barrier-free Cinema at the ASTOR Film Lounge Frankfurt

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Between the 05th and the 11th of May]. March the ASTOR Film Lounge shows the French film "Verstehen Sie die Béliers" barrierefrei für Gehörlose

The Astor Film Lounge presents with "Verstehen Sie die Béliers" a wonderful French comedy, which was rightly awarded with the title especially valuable. What is also special about this film is that it is the first barrier-free film that deaf people can experience. All you need is your smartphone and the STARKS app - barrier-free cinema with subtitles. The STARKS app makes subtitles accessible by automatically recognizing the movie and synchronously displaying the subtitles on the smartphone display. Starks are available in the AppStore for iOS and at Google Play.

The film "Understand the Béliers" tells the life of a French family. Young Paula lives in the country with her deaf-mute parents and her deaf-mute brother. She helps on the farm and also has to support her father in running for mayor. There is little time for your own needs. When her new music teacher discovers her extraordinary voice and encourages her to study singing in Paris, the girl finds herself in a conflict between her personal life's dream and responsibility for her family.

Who wants to secure a place for the barrier-free film experience can now buy tickets via the homepage: ( buy or reserve. This is of course also possible directly at the cinema.

About the ASTOR Film Lounge Frankfurt, Zeil 112-114, Frankfurt

The ASTOR Film Lounge is the first premium cinema in Germany with locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich. No popcorn, no queues in long queues, but finger food, selected wines and service up to the cinema armchair. In Frankfurt, the guest is received by a doorman before being taken to the top floor of the Zeilgalerie in Frankfurt by express lift. Free wardrobe, a welcome drink and an inviting roof terrace with a view of Frankfurt's skyline make a visit to the cinema before or after the film an experience. An elegant cinema hall with first-class technical equipment, oversized ceiling lamp and comfortable armchairs with adjustable backrest and generous row spacing invite you to feel like in a big living room.

Quelle: MainFREIRAUM

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