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September 2020
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Children's cinema at the German Film Museum in February

Children's cinema at the German Film Museum in February

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Stories from Mozambique, the Orient, the Far East and outer space are told in the children's cinema in February.

Friday, 3 February, 14:30
Sunday, 5 February February, 15:00 pm
Portugal/Mozambique 2006 R: Licinio Azevedo
Documentary Feature. 56 min Digital. DF. Recommended from 10 years

The twelve-year-old Paito lives in Mozambique and sells doughnuts to earn money for his family. A late delivery of flour brings him into contact with a gang of thieves who make life difficult for the working children on the big market. Together with his peer Xano he faces the group. The semi-documentary children's film conveys impressions of everyday life in Mozambique and impresses with the refreshing variety of ideas and creativity of the two optimistic boys.

Friday, 10. February, 14:30pm
Sunday, 12. February, 15:00 pm
Spain 2016 R: Enrique Gato
Animation film. 94 min DF. Recommended from 8 years on

Mike's grandfather was an astronaut and was supposed to be there at the first moon landing. Because his son, Mike's father Scott, got sick, he had to stay on earth. When an evil billionaire claims the moon landing wasn't real just to fly to the moon himself and exploit its resources, it's up to Mike and his friends to prevent this. A fast-paced, entertainingly staged space adventure.

Friday, February 17, 14:30
Sunday, February 19. February, 15:00 hrs
DDR 1953 R: Wolfgang Staudte
D: Thomas Schmidt, Johannes Maus
100 min. 35mm. Recommended for 6 years and older

The old hunchbacked Muck works in a pottery workshop in an oriental town. When one day he is harassed and persecuted by Mustafa and other children, he locks himself with them in the workshop. Here he tells the story of his childhood and how he set out in search of the merchant who sells happiness. Staudte's DEFA classic combines visual fantasy with a humanistic message. A timeless parable about the value of friendship.

Friday, 24 February, 14:30
Sunday, 26 February. February, 15:00 pm
USA 2016 R: Travis Knight
Animationsfilm. 101 min. DCP. DF. Recommended from 8 years

Kubo lives in a quiet village by the sea and spends the days telling stories to his mother and the villagers and playing songs to them on his shamise, a magical musical instrument. But then he accidentally brings an ancient evil spirit to life, and everything changes: Kubo has to leave his village to stop the evil moon king and his sister with his friends Monkey and Bettle and save the village. The meditatively staged Far East fairy tale is a visually outstanding animated film adventure.

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