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Januar 2020
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Frankfurt-Tipp Jahresgewinnspiel
Documentary: Tomorrow - The world is full of solutions

Documentary: Tomorrow - The world is full of solutions

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Filmforum Höchst shows documentary about alternative ways of life and economy

What if there was the formula to save the world? What if all of us could contribute? The actress Mélanie Laurent and the French activist Cyril Dion talk to experts in their "Documentary: Tomorrow - The world is full of solutions" and visit projects all over the world that have drawn their conclusions from the environmentally destructive and profit-oriented economy and have come to alternative forms of economy and life.

The Highest Film Forum in Emmerich-Josef-Straße 46 will show the film on Wednesday, February 22, at 19:00.

Initiatives as presented in the film are also available in Frankfurt. One of them is the SoLawi Cooperation (Solidarity Agriculture). It organises exchanges with organic farms in the region and supports the strengthening of a regional and as sustainable as possible organic agriculture. On the film evening two SoLawi representatives will present the work of the cooperation.

Admission costs 7 Euro, for Frankfurt Pass holders 3.50 Euro. Reservation under phone 069/212-45664.

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