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Lecture & Film: The Cinema by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Lecture & Film: The Cinema by Pier Paolo Pasolini

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"Queer Pasolini?"] - Lecture by Thomas Waugh on Thursday, February 5, at 20:15

Pasolini's film TEOREMA is usually associated with the May revolt of workers and intellectuals in Europe in 1968, the year in which the film was produced, published and made the subject of much controversy. Less often a connection is made with the "gay liberation" in the USA in the following year. At the same time, Pasolini's story of a pansexual angel of revenge, which causes a variety of social and emotional upheavals, seems almost eerily prophetic in retrospect. Not so much with a view to the gender-political essentialism of the 1970s, which Pasolini was averse to, but with a view to the queer upheavals that gripped the world decades after Pasolini's death. The analysis of this film, which is Pasolini's most timeless and at the same time the one that remains most firmly anchored in its specific context of origin, deals with the discourses he brings into play and with the representation of desire, gender and body, onscreen and offscreen.

Thomas Waugh is Professor of Film Studies and holder of the Research Chair in Documentary Film and in Sexual Representation at Concordia University, Montreal. 2015 his book The Conscience of Cinema: The Films of Joris Ivens 1912-1989 is published (Amsterdam University Press).

Start of film: approx. 21:15

TEOREMA Teorema - Geometry of Love
Italy 1968 R: Pier Paolo Pisolini. D: Silvana Mangano, Terence Stamp, Massimo Girotti. 98 min 35mm. OmeU
TEOREMA tells the story of a wealthy Milanese family. Her life is turned upside down when a mysterious stranger visits the family. Every single member of the family falls for the mysterious guest, everyone enters into a sexual relationship with him. When the seducer disappears a few days later, the life of his hosts has changed fundamentally. Laura Betti, who plays the maid, was awarded Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival. Film critic Roger Ebert described TEOREMA at the time as "perhaps the most brilliant work" Pier Paolo Pasolinis.

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Quelle: German Film Museum

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