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Oktober 2020
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Frankfurt-Tipp Jahresgewinnspiel
Frankfurt-Tipp Guide 2020 - jetzt lesen
Long Oscar®-Night at the German Film Museum

Long Oscar®-Night at the German Film Museum

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Oscar®-Weekend at the German Film Museum
from Thursday, 25.until Sunday, February 28

The Long Oscar® Night:
Live broadcast of the 88th Oscar Oscar® award ceremony
Sunday, 28. February, from 11 pm on
Advance sale at the Filmmuseum already started
Online advance sale at ADticket starts on Friday, 29 January

What's going on - in German film?
The Winners of the Student Academy Awards® 2015
Thursday, February 25, 20:15

Oscar®-nominated Films: Six Candidates for the Academy Award® in the category "Best Picture
Friday, 26th, to Sunday, 28th, 2015
Thursday, February 20:15

Oscar® Nominated Films: Six Candidates for the Academy Award® in the category "Best Picture
Friday, 26th, to Sunday, 28th, 2015>BR</x>Friday, 26th, 26th to Sunday, 28th, 2015>BR</x>Frid. February

The Long Oscar®-Night

A breath of Hollywood in the German Film Museum: Sunday evening, 28. February, the Academy Awards® will be presented in Los Angeles and the red carpet will also be rolled out at Schaumainkai in Frankfurt! Who is "Best Actress in the Leading Role, Who is "Best Actress in the Leading Role of the 2015 Cinema Year, Which is "Best Film? Before the award ceremony (which in Germany only begins late at night due to the time difference) is broadcast live and in HD on several screens throughout the building at 1:30 a.m., visitors can get in the mood for the film event of the year, for example in the permanent exhibition, where Maximilian Schell's Oscar® trophy can be seen.

A Hollywood-ready program shortens the waiting time until the gala begins: Michael Kinzer, a profound connoisseur of the winning mechanisms at the Academy Awards®, dares to take a look at the potential winners of the 2015 cinema year at the Oscar® oracle. At the Oscar® betting game, visitors can prove their oracle qualities themselves. The person with the most correct tips waves a Lufthansa flight for two to L.A.!

Who dreams of a guest role in his or her favourite film can have himself or herself beamed into a film setting in the film studio using bluescreen technology or directly to the stars on the red carpet. The CATWALK make-up artists provide a Hollywood-ready appearance with free professional styling. In the new look, a glass of champagne from PIPER-HEIDSIECK can be enjoyed in style after the photo is taken, while DJ Antje-Maya Hirsch (radio x Music for Films) in the museum foyer and the TV broadcast with film music and soundtracks create a festive atmosphere.

The Filmcafé offers snacks and drinks until the early hours of the morning, tasty themed cocktails and a free breakfast at 3 o'clock will reliably help you to get over any possible approaches of fatigue.


Varietyful Oscar® tours through the permanent exhibition: 23:30, 0:30, 1:30 < x>BR</x>The permanent exhibition is open from 23 to 2 o'clock.
Great Oscar® betting game 23 to 2 o'clock
CATWALK Styling Lounge 23 to 2 o'clock
Bluebox Fotostudio From 23h
Filmmusik with DJ Antje-Maya Hirsch From 23h
Oscar®-Orakel with Michael Kinzer: 24 o'clock
Free breakfast from 3 o'clock
Live transmission Red Carpet from approx. 1:30 a.m. < x>BR</x>Live broadcast Oscar® award ceremony from approx. 2:30 a.m. < x>N</x>Admission prices at the box office of the Deutsches Filmmuseum: < x>BR</x>18 Euro / 15 Euro reduced*.

Admission prices incl. advance booking fee via ADticket:
21 Euro / 17.70 Euro reduced*
The online ticket sale at starts on Friday,
29 January, at 10 am. The tickets are available then also in the advance booking offices of ADticket.

at the box office are on Sunday, 28 February, from 22:30 clock at remainder tickets available.

*The entrance covers the entire program of 23 2 clock inclusive Specials. Admission to the TV broadcast of the award ceremony is free from 2 a.m. (no seat guarantee).


Thursday, 25. February, 20:15
What's going on in German film?
The winners of the Student Academy Awards 2015
In the series "What's going on in German film? three films are on the programme in February: For the first time, all three prizes went to German filmmakers in the "Student Oscars®, the Student Academy Awards, 2015. With their medium-length films, the young directors prove that current German film can also be successful internationally. Ilker Çatak and Dustin Loose will be guests on Thursday,
25 February and will ring in the big Oscar® weekend at the German Film Museum with their award-winning works.

Germany/Austria 2014 R: Patrick Vollrath
D: Simon Schwarz, Julia Pointner, Marion Rottenhofer. 30 min. DCP
Winner of the Student Academy Award 2015 in Bronze, nominated for the Oscar® in the category "Short Film (Live Action)
A weekend father picks up his eight-year-old daughter Lea. Little by little the girl creeps up on the feeling that something is wrong this time. A fateful journey begins.

Germany 2014. R: Dustin Loose
D: Ludwig Trepte, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Nina Petri. 21 min. DCP
Winner of the Student Academy Award 2015 in Silver
The film is based on a short story by Håkan Nesser: A young man is supposed to meet his father for the first time, who has been in a closed psychiatric ward for almost thirty years because of murder.

SADAKAT Fidelity
Germany/Turkey 2015 R: Ilker Çatak
D: Özer Arslan, Baris Gönenen, Sanem Öge. Twenty-five minutes of DCP. OmU
Winner of the Student Academy Award 2015 in Gold
Istanbul 2014: Asli lives in stable conditions. But the social unrest also reaches them. In a spontaneous action she hides a political activist and helps him to escape arrest. She and her family are targeted by the police.

Afterwards Ulrich Sonnenschein (epd Film) speaks with Ilker Çatak and Dustin Loose.

Oscar®-nominated films
As a countdown to Oscar® Night, the cinema of the German Film Museum shows candidates for the coveted trophy. These are films nominated for the category "Best Film".

Friday, 26.02.18h>x>BR</x>THE MARTIAN The Martian Rescuer Mark Watney
USA/Great Britain 2015 R: Ridley Scott
D: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain. 141 minutes DCP. 3D. OF

Friday, 26.02., 20:30 hrs
Great Britain/Canada/Ireland 2015 R: John Crowley
D: Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson. 112 min. DCP. OmU

Saturday, 27.02., 17:00 hrs
USA 2015 R: Adam McKay
D: Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling. 130 min. DCP. OmU

Saturday, 27.02., 19:30h
BRIDGE OF SPIES Bridge of Spies The Negotiator
USA/Great Britain/Germany 2015 R: Steven Spielberg
D: Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance. 141 minutes DCP. OmU

Saturday, 27.02., 22:30 hrs
USA/Australia 2015 R: George Miller
D: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron 120 min DCP. 3D. OF

Sunday, 28.02., 17:30 hrs
THE REVENANT The Revenant The returnee
USA 2015. R: Alejandro González Iñárritu
D: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy. 156 minutes DCP. OmU

Quelle: German Film Museum

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