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MÄNGELEXEMPLAR - On Cinema Tour in Frankfurt

MÄNGELEXEMPLAR - On Cinema Tour in Frankfurt

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Director Laura Lackmann and the actors of her debut film MÄNGELEXEMPLAR go on a cinema tour and present the film version of Sarah Kuttner's bestseller of the same name.

Karo has no problem. Karo is the problem: For her boss, her boyfriend and for a DIY store employee who has to take Karo into custody after a strange outburst of rage.

And it's true, there's something wrong with Karo.

She is impatient, much too emotional and has no control over herself. When Karo loses her job and even her best friend doesn't want to know anything about her anymore, she realizes that something has to change. Full of overzealousness she throws herself into a therapy, wants to be the superpatient and therefore does everything wrong. When her boyfriend breaks up with her, it gets serious. Driven by panic attacks into depression, she finds that it is not easy to solve a problem when you are.

MÄNGELEXEMPLAR is the long-awaited adaptation of Sarah Kuttner's bestselling novel. Imaginative, wild and at the same time sensitive, newcomer director Laura Lackmann tells the tragicomic trip of a young woman in search of herself.

For her feature film debut Laura Lackmann gathers an extraordinary female ensemble in front of the camera: Claudia Eisinger (WIR SIND DIE NEUEN, 13 SEMESTER), Katja Riemann and Barbara Schöne in the leading roles are an outstanding three-generation team representing three different female identities. Laura Tonke (HEIDI SCHNEIDER STECKT FEST, THE STATE AGAINST FRITZ BAUER) and Maren Kroymann (FREIER FALL) join them. On the male side, Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider ("Grzimek", "The last comrade"), Christoph Letkowski (FEUCHTGEBIETE, WINNETOUS SOHN) and last but not least Detlev Buck convince with a strong guest appearance.

The big cinema tour to the film takes director Laura Lackmann, leading actress Claudia Eisinger and Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider to Frankfurt. On SONNTAG, 15.05.2016, they will come to the performance at 19 o'clock in the CineStar Metropolis. Tickets are available HERE

Lives the two leading actors and the director/writer live in the Metropolis: After the film there will be the opportunity to ask questions about the bestselling film version in a public discussion at 9 pm!

All further information about the film can be found at:

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