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MÄNNERHORT shoot in Frankfurt

MÄNNERHORT shoot in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is once again becoming a film set: Recently director Franziska Meyer Price ("Berlin, Berlin", "Doctor's Diary") shot the comedy MÄNNERHORT in Frankfurt's Riedberg district. The film is based freely on the play of the same name by Kristof Magnusson and tells the story of Eroll (Elyas M`Barek), Lars (Christoph Maria Herbst) and Helmut (Deltev Buck), who, fleeing from their consumerist wives, dive into a central heating cellar of their new housing estate, where they have set up a last enclave of masculinity. But when one day the facility manager Aykut (Serkan Çetinkaya) discovers them, they have to fight for their hiding place - until Aykut suddenly wants to hide there from his wife as well...

Before the film is released in 2014, the press has already been invited to the set, where the actors Elyas M`Barek, Christoph Maria Herbst, Detlev Buck, Serkan Çetinkaya and Cosma Shiva Hagen, director Franziska Meyer Price, the producers Uli Aselmann and Oliver Berben, as well as the screenwriters David Ungureit and Rainer Ewerin together with the supporters of the state of Hesse (state secretary Ingmar Jung, ministerial conductor Günter Schmitteckert as well as Dr. Ewerin) will be present. Ursula Vossen of HessenInvestFilm) for the photo shoot.

The actors in particular presented themselves in an extremely good mood despite the tight shooting schedule, and after the photo shoot they also had a lot of questions and answers. Of course, the journalists present were primarily interested in how the actors liked their work in Frankfurt. The verdict was of course unanimously positive, with Elyas M`Barek in particular delighted to be able to shoot in the Main metropolis for the second time after WHAT A MAN.

Although the film is just as amusing as the piece, for which Christoph Maria Herbst has been on stage together with Bastian Pastewka and Michael Kessler since 2005, remains to be seen. But the atmosphere on the set made us hope for great cinema fun. Let's see if these expectations are fulfilled when the MEN'S LOCATION opens its doors in the cinema next year...

Pictures from the set visit can be found HERE

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