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Young Film Club TREPPE 41

Young Film Club TREPPE 41

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The German Film Museum's Cinema puts two programme slots a month into the hands of the Junge Filmclub Treppe 41, which was founded in spring 2015. Students and young film enthusiasts can approach the programming and mediation of film programmes in this way. Treppe 41 presents each film from the individual point of view of one of its members, who then, together with the visitors, let the film experience end with a drink and good conversations on the stairs of the Deutsches Filmmuseum:

"A film begins when it is finished. It begins with conversations, with the exchange of opinions. It's where the dream we just saw crystallizes. And in this mental work you get a bit better, freer and more open."
Naum Kleiman

Friday, 07. August, 22:30
USA 1992 R: Abel Ferrara
D: Harvey Keitel, Victor Argo, Paul Hipp. 96 minutes. 35mm
A shabby area, a corrupt policeman, a raped nun, the Mafia and the Catholic Church: Abel Ferrara uses these ingredients to create a beautiful, disturbing film in which Harvey Keitel plays the policeman so evil and at the same time desperate that you don't know whether to hate or pity him.

Imagined by: Pramila Chenchanna

After the show: Stairway discussion with wine, water, or beer

Friday, 21. August, 22:30 pm
TO LIVE AND THE IN L.A. Life and death in L.A.
USA 1985 R: William Friedkin
D: William L. Petersen, Willem Dafoe, John Pankow. 116 Min. 35mm

After the murder at its partner the Secret service agent Richard chance sets everything to bring the money counterfeiter Rick Masters behind lock and bolt. This hunt becomes more and more a personal vendetta, which makes the policeman shy away from nothing. 14 years after THE FRENCH CONNECTION, William Friedkin once again dedicates himself to the fine line between good and evil. The film not only shines with the atmospheric score of the British pop group Wang Chung, but also offers one of the most impressive car chases in film history.

Presented by: Alice Radlmaier
After the film: Stair conversation with wine, water or beer

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Quelle: German Film Museum

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