Martin Sasse Trio feat. Kristin Korb

Konzerte - Jazz & Blues
Jazzkeller Frankfurt
Eintritt: 20,00 Euro
Jazzkeller Frankfurt
Kleine Bockenheimerstr. 18a
60313 Frankfurt am Main

There are few bassists who can sing and there are even fewer who can do it well. Kristin Korb is one of those artists who make you forget that she is playing the bass when you hear her crystalline voice. Influenced by the days when music was romantic and made you want to dance, Kristin and her trio embody that spirit and bring their audiences along for the ride. Love eventually brought the American bassist and vocalist to Denmark in 2011.


In November 2016, Korb releases her eighth CD, Beyond the Moon. Inspired by the storytelling of one of America’s greatest lyricists, Johnny Mercer, Kristin includes several of his biggest hits and then takes a voyage of discovery into unpublished texts that Mercer never made into songs.


Christin Korb (vocal & bass)

Martin Sasse (piano)

Peter Baumgärtner (drums)


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Martin Sasse Trio feat. Kristin Korb
August 2020
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