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Five excellent reasons to shop at the mall

06.10.2017 | 08:13 Clock | Shopping
Five excellent reasons to shop at the mall
Five excellent reasons to shop at the mall
Five excellent reasons to shop at the mall

Is Frankfurt a shopper's paradise? If you ask me, then clearly yes. Why? Because I am a total fan of shopping malls. Our city on the Main offers five of them in every direction and for every taste - from trendy hustle and bustle to Italian strolls to upscale enjoyment above the rooftops of the city. That's why I'm taking you on a shopping tour through the centers today!

Naturally, you'll think - Sabina is a fashion blogger, she is addicted to shopping. Sure she thinks shopping is good. But I can't let that stand at this point. Yes, it's true: I don't think shopping is sooooo bad. But is shopping in Frankfurt good at all, readers from outside will ask. I was hoping you would ask that!

Frankfurt is full of nice shops. Personally, though, I love shopping in shopping centers the most. I'm crazy about them. Because everything can be had compactly and clearly: hairdresser, indulgence, sports, shopping fun, pedicure - I can even visit doctors. A shopping mall is like a small town in itself. Of course, it's all the Americans' fault again: I fell in love with shopping malls about twenty-five years ago in California - strolling around with music and balmy air - you can't beat that!

That's why I'm taking you on a shopping tour today. I've just arranged to meet some friends at the Main-Taunus-Zentrum (MTZ). Because it's more than just shopping - it's an experience and offers free parking too! The centre is a small town in its own right with its kindergarten, petrol station and a cinema complex. What makes the center west of Frankfurt stand out?

Main-Taunus-Zentrum: Jubel, Trubel Shoppingspaß

In Hessen's largest shopping center, there's always something going on: from raffles and tombolas to fashion shows. With my girlfriends I want to test the latest shops, like the Milan make-up brand or the liqueur from Swabia. The oldest center is now on its way to the future after several renovations and extensions, with free wifi and a car finder scanner. It is fitting that the Californian car brand "Tesla" has just opened its design studio and third location in the Rhine-Main area in the MTZ. A visit is definitely also worthwhile for men: among other things, shoe shopping in the concept store of the noble brand Lloyds. Tip: take advantage of shopping fun on Thursdays until 10 pm!

Skyline Plaza: Very hot

The hot diva among the shopping centers is also the youngest: the Skyline Plaza in the up-and-coming Europa-Viertel next to the trade fair is one of my personal favorites and is very popular with professionals from the surrounding offices at lunchtime. Whether it's the rounded, curved shape, the light-flooded architecture or the selection of hip shops like Pull & Bear or the Spanish label Desigual - I simply feel at home in Skyline Plaza. My friend Olga has also made the popular Meridian Spa on the top floor under the noble dome palatable to me - we go to the sauna above the rooftops of the city. Skyline Plaza is hot! Tip: After-work relax in the sauna above the rooftops of the city, or for a burger in the restaurant Alex and also look down on the European Quarter.

The friendly to stroll: Hessen Center

The Skyline Plaza is west of downtown, but I live in the east. Well, it's a good thing to have the friendly Hessen Center around the corner. I just pop in here, as do many people from the neighbouring Main-Kinzig district and Hanau, when I need to go to the hairdresser's quickly or need some flowers. Customer-friendly: the parking fee of 60 cents. If you really only park for about a quarter of an hour, you pay nothing. But who shops as short as they really want to? The Hessen-Center tempts you to linger with its gently splashing pools, and the trendy shops and friendly waiters do the rest. Tip: Pizza for lunch, followed by the tiramisu pie at Eiscafé Tiziano.

Northwest Center: Italian flair

By the way, the Hessen-Center is very conveniently located next to the A 66 motorway; this leads us directly east on to the North-West Centre. Located in the middle of a roundabout (or "corso"), virtually all the walkways from the surrounding residential areas lead into the center, which exudes Italian flair: the shops are located along the shopping paths, called corsi: If you're shopping there for the first time: it's best to orient yourself by the shops, which offer something for every taste - from Starbucks to well-known jewelry stores like Christ and hip brands like Mango. My tip: combine a shopping visit with a wellness trip to the Titus-themed!

My Zeil: The pride of the city

The pride of the city is the shopping center My Zeil with its audacious glass construction, which can be reached on a gigantic escalator directly on the top floor. There you can feast on international cuisine or surf the waves on the terrace as if you were in California. Shoppers of all ages will find what they are looking for on four levels at My Zeil, and parking is practical in the basement. Other plus points: the drugstore and the supermarket in the basement. Tip: try the warm ice cream cones on the top floor

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