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Does Frankfurt need a Wiesn?

22.09.2017 | 08:21 Clock | Celebrate
Does Frankfurt need a Wiesn?
Does Frankfurt need a Wiesn?
Does Frankfurt need a Wiesn?

I like that: I like to swear about FC Bayern all year round, but in mid-September I throw on my Lederhosen myself. Then we know again in Frankfurt what the tuba has blown: namely Bretzn, blue-white flags and strong measure for all. So it's time again for the Oktoberfest outside Bavaria and more and more are apparently going there.

The export hit of our neighbours in the south is becoming more and more popular with us. I have already mentally and morally prepared myself for the fact that this weekend hay bales will pile up again at the five-finger place in Bornheim and that there will be a rustic party atmosphere as it couldn't be more atmospheric in the middle of Berchtesgaden. But I would never expect my beloved Bornheimers to miss an opportunity to party in their “funny village“. After all, you have to defend a reputation.

And the others? Is the Oktoberfest now a kind of carnival in autumn? Where with Dirndl and Lederhosen everyone puts on another identity and has in the everyday life a little fun. Last week a survey among my seminar participants showed that they are amused when river trips are offered in New York to celebrate the Oktoberfest with bratwurst and traditional costume. Some were also alienated. But if the whole world embraces blow music and beer all the way to Brazil, why should we stay out of it? Isn't that a little pusillanimous? Dirndl are to be had in the department store.

As a North German the south is per se already bissi far ;-) But the warm-hearted culture of Upper Bavaria has grown very close to my heart during many years of holidays. At the end they get one, nevertheless ;-)

Because now I must outen myself times:  a Dirndl I have not carried yet. But top and traditional jacket are already there. So, what am I supposed to do for a long time? There's really nothing wrong with a little fun. The festivities in Frankfurt are also simply far too tempting. What I really like to do with family and friends are trips to the Main River by ship (What New York can do, we can do for a long time *laugh*) Once on board the ship is like vacation: the city is beautiful in front of you, but its everyday life moves far away. I therefore think the Oktoberfest on the high seas at the end of September is ingenious - that's only possible in Frankfurt - skyline view of course included.

And in this sense we are all Bavarians for a few weeks  - in the sense of good neighbourliness to the Free State. O’zapft is…

Frankfurter Oktoberfest, 13.09. - 08.10.2017
At the Commerzbank Arena

Stilechte Alm: In the city park of Hattersheim, Main-Taunus district, the mobile Almhütte is mobile for two months. The anticipation of winter with après-ski parties, the Oktoberfest or curling continues to rise until 5 November.

Oktoberfest auf Hoher See , 28 - 30 September 2017, MS Rheingold. For all detailed information  about the party fun on board just click the link!

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