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Frankfurt - sweet and sinful

15.12.2017 | 21:37 Clock | Enjoyment
Frankfurt - sweet and sinful
Frankfurt - sweet and sinful
Frankfurt - sweet and sinful

Let's talk about Frankfurt's sinful pages. There's a lot to report about that. Who can think of anything? But not what you're thinking again! No. In December, when I think of sin, I don't think of red light, but of brown or white, tasty and delicious: I would like to bet that the last month of the year is when we plaster most of the chocolate. Or?

The shops are full of them. It seems to be totally fashionable to give away Advent calendars: cosmetic brands are now even offering their version. When does the first car brand launch its calendar on the market? I have heard of people who are allowed to use at least three free Advent calendars every day. So December is the month of sweet sin. Which I don't mind at all. What would life be without a little exaggeration? In the New Year the fasting season will soon begin again - so everything will be in balance.

A little sin can't hurt

That a little sin can't hurt at all, yes the Bethmännchen in the house saves the frustration, so to speak, is obvious. Think about it: harmony has once again lost *hüstel*. But instead of helplessly watching the spouse/friend wallow in his misfortune, I can now cheer him up slightly: In the future I'll give away the sinful chocolate pralines from Michi’s chocolate studio - with Eintracht emblems on them. Or just give away some pralines with apple wine. For the very bitter among us, the taste of the green sauce would certainly be appealing?

Whoever thought that Frankfurt's siniest shops are located in the station district, is wrong: The Sandweg is home to this chocolate paradise. My friends are still raving about the tablets I gave them last Christmas because they contained real orange slices. When the chocolate mixes with the bitter taste of the fruit in the mouth and melts. Oh, oh, oh…..I don't know about you: But from so much sin, I always want to enjoy only a small amount. The better, the more enjoyable, the rarer and less. In this sense: more sin please ;-) Another nice pre-Christmas time I wish you.

What “sins“ you like best in the pre-Christmas time?

Michi’s Chocolate studio

Sand road 60

60316 Frankfurt

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