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The Frankfurt Tip Authors:

Frankfurt's weekly markets - More than just shopping

31.08.2018 | 10:26 Clock | Enjoyment
Frankfurt's weekly markets - More than just shopping
Frankfurt's weekly markets - More than just shopping
Frankfurt's weekly markets - More than just shopping

Every Saturday the memory comes back - then I clench my wicker basket under my arm and stroll along Berger Straße. Preferably in the morning, because then it's busy: The traders have already equipped their stalls early in the morning, the fish shop has opened its hatch and hopefully the Honigmanm with his lavender is back where he always stands. I don't know about you, but a weekly market isn't just for shopping. The English language describes this type of consumer market as “Farmer’s market“ - the weekly market lives from the idea that the farmers from the surrounding area come rumbling around with their trailer full of potatoes and apples, unfolding the stands and balancing the weights on the scales.

The fact that the weights are heavy has been plugged into my brain forever since I went to the market every week as a child with my grandmother. buy fruit, potatoes and vegetables at the supermarket? I never would have thought of it. Especially since I grew up in a village in Lower Saxony. Only the study spoiled me ;-)

But my whole young life before it meant shopping: Meat at the butcher's, sugar in the supermarket and all the freshness just catch up on the “farmer's market“. There is hardly anything that emotionally reminds me so much of my childhood as a stroll through the farmer's market. Especially because I was lucky enough to be able to look behind the scenes at friends of my grandparents.

That's why I realized early on that the apple wasn't picked up by the farmer, but by my aunt Edith from the Grossmarkthalle at night. In fact, I liked to spend hours at their vegetable stand and pack goods.

Weekly markets: Snack, meeting point, shopping

I find something very important for this unique weekly market atmosphere, because it is so much more than just shopping: strolling around and touching the goods. The chat with acquaintances you meet - especially on Saturdays, when there may even be time to have a cup of coffee together. Or the chat with the salespeople: Stalls and salespeople must not change too much in my quite subjective weekly market philosophy.

A recent study by the Gesellschaft für Markt- und Absatzforschung (GMA) (Society for Market and Sales Research) naturally suits me very well, as it found out that most traders have been selling their goods at the same location for many years, predominantly to regular customers. Strangely enough, nobody asked me for my unimportant opinion again, but therefore I fit totally into the picture: women older than 50 (well *hüstel, about that I now spread the cloak of silence) stroll on the weekly market.

Excitingly, I found that the market actually becomes more and more a meeting place - which is all too obvious in view of the Friedberger Platz. But also the terrace at the Kleinmarkthalle invites you to stay for a glass of wine after shopping.

Snack, meeting point, shopping: Do you go to the weekly market? And if so, for what reason? Several answers are possible…

And it is clear that Frankfurt Tipp as always has a special Special with its top tips on Frankfurt's most beautiful weekly markets ready!

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