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Stulle-Special: Where does the bread taste best?

04.05.2018 | 08:10 Clock | Enjoyment
Stulle-Special: Where does the bread taste best?
Stulle-Special: Where does the bread taste best?
Stulle-Special: Where does the bread taste best?

Space there sandwich, the good old Stulle is back! Oh, what am I saying? The good old Stulle has been experiencing a revival of the finest for some time now. Because what is currently offered in the cafés and snack bars is quasi Stulle 2.0: thickly topped, with the popular avocado or toasted and properly loaded with salmon and rocket. Did that whet your appetite? I'll bet. Me, too. When the weather gets warmer, I don't always have Canteen or cook myself. Salad or sandwich will do during the day, too. But instead of betting on a labile white bread, clever people have turned to our local bread and enchanted it culinarily. That's why I did a little stucco check for you today.

Where is it worth going for two slices of bread? This is the small but subtle difference between sandwich and bread. Today I'm not talking about two slices of toast or a loaf of white bread, but about fresh wholemeal bread with a spread.

· In the city centre you'll find a coffee chain with Coffee Fellow. But, please don't complain about it right now, because the avocado bread is really good to look at, is well balanced, tastes good and is reasonably priced.

Since the shop is located in the middle of the city, surrounded by bank towers, there should be some crowds at noon. You should therefore take this into account in terms of time. When I showed up early Monday afternoon, there was less activity, so I would have liked the service to be a little more attentive. There is a point deduction on the recommendation scale for that.

I confess, when it comes to avocados, I can't resist. That's why Coffee Fellows made my little fine list. Just attribute it to my passion for Mexican food. Of course, a shop that offers chairs also has a bit of a retro ambience. So with grandma's tablecloth, old wallpaper or tiles from the 70s - if you know what I mean. When I order a sandwich, I also want to feel like I was at the dining table with my little brother when the Pril flowers were still stuck to the tiles in the kitchen of my parents' house.

·  Here comes the „Little Anna“ into play. That's not my primary school friend, but the name of the original café in the Gallus district with super good chairs. Years ago I heard about little Anna from hearing sagas. If something without big Tatütataa success has and asserts itself by word of mouth, that speaks already times for a shop. Of course such tips have to be tested personally.
What should I say? Who can resist crispy stone-baked bread and delicious spreads? Little Anna is like my favourite American sandwich shop, Subway - here the bread is placed right in front of my nose and then pushed into the oven. A large sandwich costs €5.50, a small one €3.50.

This snack also has the following features: What tastes good is popular. So be prepared for longer queues during rush hours. But I wouldn't call little Anna a sandwich shop. It's more like a shop for yummy spread breads. The connection via the main station is good, but from there it is still a few meters to walk.

·  Less crowds, but a really cool ambience offers in Sachsenhausen „Améread living room“. In short: I am addicted to the barbecued chairs here and love to sit outside at noon when the weather is nice. I also like the quiet location near the casual bridge district because it is so easy to shop with a full stomach. The staff is always friendly and attentive. If there's a lot going on, the sandwich can last a little longer. But that's rarely anywhere else. Parking is notoriously joyless and exhausting in the area, so I advise you to take the bike or the bus. And because it is you, I will also tell you my favourite sandwich that makes the way so worthwhile: “Smoerrebroet“ -  farmhouse bread, horseradish, rocket, cucumber, and smoked salmon. 6,50 Euro are not so cheap. But the sandwich is worth its price!

What do you like to serve your bread with? And do you have any other recommendations?

Kleine Anna,  Mainzer Landstraße 111/Ecke Ludwigstraße, 60329 Frankfurt , Monday - Friday 10:30 - 16 o'clock

Améread living room, Affentorplatz/corner Schifferstraße, 60594 Frankfurt, Monday - Friday 9 - 18 o'clock, Sundays and public holidays 10 - 18 o'clock.

Coffee Fellows, Kaiserstrasse 14, 60311 Frankfurt, Monday - Friday 7 - 21 h, Saturday 8 - 21 h and Sunday 9 - 21 h

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