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Insurance coverage for freelancers in times of corona pandemic Photo: Scott Graham on Unsplash
Photo: Scott Graham on Unsplash

Insurance coverage for freelancers in times of corona pandemic

Category: Insurance

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In Frankfurt alone, around 100,000 people work as freelancers - from journalists and musicians to IT specialists, parcel drivers or self-employed midwives. Freelance work is very attractive for many professionals, you benefit from a high degree of flexibility. This is especially advantageous if you work for clients in a big city like Frankfurt, but do not live there and therefore do not depend on the daily commute to work. Nevertheless, the freedom also comes with risks, which can lead to a loss of turnover and the like. Freelancers are often at a disadvantage compared to groups of people who are employed. Freelancers bear the full risk, whereas people in an employment relationship have to bear much less risk. Therefore, it is usually desirable for freelancers to insure themselves against potential risks. especially with regard to the corona pandemic it is significant to take preventive measures to be prepared against risks.

Therefore, here now follow some recommendable insurances that are of elementary importance for freelancers. This does not only apply in times of Corona, because also apart from it a freelance activity remains connected with risks. Those who take precautionary measures at an early stage can cushion the negative consequences, as a result of loss of revenue etc. Further information can be found HERE.

Insurance Pacts for Freelancers

The following are some bulleted lists of insurance policies that are essential. Emphasis should be placed on a case-by-case basis. Freelancers should decide on the basis of their individual situation which insurance is of particular relevance. This depends on the marital status or also on the property ownership and much more. A high standard of living can only be maintained in the event of incapacity to work if there is insurance cover. Corona can also jeopardize one's own ability to work.

An insurance policy that is basically relevant for all freelancers is the professional disability insurance. This is because the loss of one's ability to work has far-reaching consequences, especially in cases where freelancers have liabilities to banks. Occupational disability insurance helps to ensure that one's standard of living is maintained. Also with regard to one's own family, it is important to insure oneself against the loss of working capacity. Otherwise, there is the threat of foreclosure and more, if the financial burden can no longer be borne. Loss of the ability to work can come unexpectedly, which is why it is important to take early action. Freelancers should make sure when signing a contract that the amount to be paid out in an insured event can actually cover the costs.

Self-employed people can furthermore also take out unemployment insurance in order to receive benefits from the employment office in the event of illness. However, it is important that the application is made in the first three months, as soon as it goes into self-employment. If the period is exceeded, subsequent insurance is in principle excluded. In addition to the three-month closing period, freelancers must have been compulsorily insured for at least 12 months beforehand. The insurance cover can be claimed if there is a drop in turnover which has brought the self-employment to a standstill. In this case, freelancers must make themselves available to the labour market again. This also includes reasonable activities that are contrary to the qualification and past activities. Nevertheless, unemployment insurance creates a solid help, especially with regard to Corona, especially since the benefits are higher than the assistance from the social security office.

Finally, health insurance plays an essential role for freelancers. In terms of corona pandemic, freelancers should ensure that their health insurance pays sick pay in the event of a sickness so that ongoing costs can be covered. The additional costs for sickness benefits are usually reasonable, so that it is worthwhile to include this additional protection when taking out insurance. Due to the large number of possibilities that arise from the providers, it is important to check in each individual case to what extent the offers fit your own professional career. Freelancers in the artistic field have a decisive advantage. This is because freelancers in the artistic field can only pay half of the contributions, as in an employment relationship. The other half is subsidized by the federal government, resulting in considerable cost savings. This is the Künstlersozialkasse. Nevertheless, there are some requirements to be met. Freelancers must earn at least 3,900 EUR per year, unless they are in the start-up phase. In such cases, freelancers have three years to take out insurance cover, regardless of the level of turnover.


Freelance professionals always bear the full risk. Therefore, it is of elementary importance to take precautionary measures. This is not only dependent on the corona pandemic, because there are numerous other risks that are associated with freelance work.

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