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Sharing Plate - A Culinary World Tour through Frankfurt

16.04.2021 | 11:37 Clock | Enjoyment

Ah, what I would give for a piece of cake in a café, a delicious dinner with my loved ones in a restaurant or a drink in a bar? For several months now, we've been living in lockdown again and - I don't know about you - it's starting to get on my nerves. Going out with friends in the evening is something I really miss and when I don't feel like or have time to cook, I like to order something with my boyfriend from our favorite "standard" restaurants. Who doesn't do that? But by now, it's also a bit boring to try the same old pizza place or sushi place across the street for dinner. But "then at least I know that it tastes good" I think to myself and with this sentence I pick up the phone and order number 27 again, my favorite dish at the Asia around the corner.

Do you recognize yourselves in this? You would like to go out for dinner again, try something new? Then I'll take you with me on a culinary trip around the world, which I made on Saturday evening through various destinations in Frankfurt - and all from home.

How does it work? I can tell you!

Taking a culinary trip around the world with Sharing Plate in your living room

.Monday morning - a week ago - I go to the office and discover a message on Instagram from Kathey, the founder of Sharing Plate, offering to join an online culinary food tour. I've often wanted to try the whole thing "live", but unfortunately never had the time. The great offer of Kathey I accepted directly with thanks.

On Saturday evening it was then also directly so far. As announced it rang around 17:30 clock at the front door and no, it was not - as usual - the delivery from the sushi shop across the street, it was Sharing Plate with two large culinary boxes and a small surprise bag for me and my friend. At 7:00pm, the online event got underway. Via Google Meet, we joined a live video call with other lovely food lovers, our Sharing Plate guide Lea and Kathey, the founder.

"For me, some of the most important things about learning about a culture are the ways people eat and, more importantly, what foods they eat. In today's multicultural world, there are so many dishes and restaurants to explore. Life is too short to try just one thing. That's why I created Sharing Plate, to take you on a culinary journey unlike anything you've experienced before." - With that introduction, Kathey set the mood for the evening, handed the floor over to Lea, and then the food tour began.

With "Mezze and More" we started right in the south, Turkey to be exact. The vine leaves "Sarma", the eggplant puree with homemade bread and the börek with pastirma were really an absolute dream. Metin, the owner of the restaurant in the Große Rittergasse, was there live and told us, among other things, that he pre-cooks 10 kg of these heavenly "Sarma" together with his mother for his guests. No wonder I've been dreaming about them ever since. For now, unfortunately, you can only enjoy the food via Sharing Plate, as the lockdown got in Metin's way when he opened. He plans to open as soon as that's possible, though, and then I'll be one of the first visitors, guaranteed!

After that, we took a big leap and headed east to Ludo and his restaurant, the "Gyoza Factory".It was a vegan gyoza bowl that we got to try that evening. Until now, I only knew the Japanese dumplings with meat. Ludo offers not only the delicious bowls in his shop, but also sweet Gyozas. Lea, our guide, swears by the sweet temptation. So I will have to pay a visit to the "Gyoza Factory" soon to see for myself.

With an alcoholic nightcap, we continued to South Tyrol to Martin and Frank with "Anderdog", a truly delicious Apple Cider. The sun-ripened apples "are hand-picked, washed, sorted, crushed and then pressed," the pair tell us, and you can taste it! Attached to the bottle was a little note with cocktail recipes that can be created with the Anderdog. As a cocktail lover I will have to buy one or the other bottle to test all these delicious sounding recipes. So far you can only order the cider online, but the plan is that it will soon be available for purchase in brick-and-mortar stores in Frankfurt.

Next we opened a box that I was immediately sure had meat in it. But in fact - to my surprise - it was a vegan bowl with hummus, kebabs and shawarma, which we had briefly heated in the oven. The owner of "Dominion Food Revolution", Nir Rosenfeld, has made it his mission to do without meat and animal products and thus "make the world a little better". For dessert, we then had a Vegan Chocolate Brownie, which was really extremely delicious and ushered in to the other desserts of the evening.

From Alina, owner of "Joolina Cakery", there was a selection of 3 different so-called "Raw Cakes" - Matcha Cake, Peanut Bar, Coco Loco Bar. Have you guys ever had a Raw Cake before? Well I am really excited about it! This healthy alternative to regular cakes made with raw, nutrient-dense ingredients is not baked, doesn't use refined sugar, and is vegan. That makes these delicious little cakes real, energy-rich vitamin bombs! My absolute highlight was the Peanut Bar. Since this tasting it is clear to me: It does not need flavour enhancers, sugar and Co, to create really delicious snacks!

The last stop - and thus unfortunately already the end of our culinary journey - led us to "Eis Fontanella", the legendary ice cream parlor on Kaiserstraße, and its owner Jessica. With the varieties "Cheesecake with Caramel Salted Butter & White Chocolate with Roasted Nuts" she enchants our palates and took us in the video call with behind the scenes of their ice cream production. I didn't quite manage to finish the ice cream and there was also some of the Raw Cakes and Brownie left over for the next day. Even my boyfriend was bursting at the seams and he can really eat a lot!

My conclusion

From savory to sweet, there was something for everyone here. The food was insanely delicious and also really made you very full. Now my friend and I have six new insider food spots at once, all of which we plan to visit again - which hopefully will be soon. The fact that Kathey not only showcases the culinary offerings, but also gives a behind-the-scenes look is another thing that makes it such a success.

By the way, SHARING PLATE founder Kathey has really taken the motto of sharing to heart: She donates a part of the ticket revenue to the platform, an initiative of the UN World Food Programme. A great gesture, I think!

This (online) food tour is also a nice gift idea for birthdays, Mother's Day / Father's Day, Christmas, Easter or other special occasions, because private tours are also bookable.

Whether you are new to the city, want to get to know other sides of Frankfurt or just want to spend a good, tasty time with nice people - a tour with SHARING PLATE is definitely a special experience. And if you are looking for an original birthday present, you can also give the whole thing away as a voucher.

Tour Info:

Tours usually take place on Saturday or Sunday.

Tickets are available for 49 €

You can pick up the boxes or have them delivered & even without participating in the online event.

You can find all further info and booking options at:

For more impressions, visit Instagram @sharingplate_en

A post by Melina Georgiadis

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