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We love Frankfurt - Favorite places of the Frankfurt-Tipp editorial team

12.05.2021 | 11:50 Clock | Frankfurt
We love Frankfurt - Favorite places of the Frankfurt-Tipp editorial team
We love Frankfurt - Favorite places of the Frankfurt-Tipp editorial team
We love Frankfurt - Favorite places of the Frankfurt-Tipp editorial team

Uff.... Still Lockdown. But still there are many nice places to discover and things to do in (and around) Frankfurt. To give you some ideas, we would like to introduce you to some of our favourite places in our latest blog post. We have chosen places that you can also visit or use their offers during the lockdown. The tips for walks, culinary delights and entertainment come from Sebastian, Melina and Magnus, with our Frankfurt-Tipp veteran Sebastian kicking things off:

Sebastian's tips:

I'll first introduce you to two favorite places today that aren't directly in Frankfurt, but still somehow belong there. And then there is of course a real Frankfurt favourite. But first I'll take you to my new home Kelsterbach. Here I have discovered in recent months the path around the runway northwest of Frankfurt Airport for me. The forest on one side, the for months eerily quiet runway with the parked planes on the other side - this has made the circular path for me on foot or by bike the perfect destination during the home office. During the week, the highlight along the route for me is the beautiful Mönchwaldsee. It's a real oasis - only on weekends there's just too much going on here to be able to really relax. And unfortunately many people leave their garbage directly at the lake or in the forest around it. That's just sad.

Nevertheless, the path around the runway is always a worthwhile destination for me. My destination is always the viewing platform at the runway, from which not only the airplanes can be observed perfectly. From here you also have a great view of Frankfurt and the Taunus in good weather.

How you can get to the northwest runway on foot or by bike, I have summarized briefly at the end of the blog post. The next of my favorite places you can only reach by car: The Autokino Gravenbruch. I have been a regular guest here for several years now, especially when movies from my youth are shown here. I always like to remember the long "Back to the Future" night or horror classics shown on Halloween. Even though during the pandemic, going to the drive-in theater comes with some strict rules, it's just fun to enjoy a movie on the big screen with loved ones. I'm personally missing that a lot right now. (Update: The drive-in is currently showing movies on an LED screen during the day and now that the curfew is gone, evening movies are back on the two screens!)

You see, I love the cinema. I always have, actually. I already wrote my first movie reviews for the school newspaper and since the launch of I regularly give you cinema, DVD and recently also streaming tips. Cinema is a really special place for me. In the past it was the Royal in Schäfergasse, today it's rather the Astor Film Lounge in MyZeil or the Cinema am Roßmarkt that are favourite places where I like to immerse myself in foreign worlds and indulge my passion for cinema. But video stores were also like a second home to me, especially during my student days. For the younger ones among you: Video stores, that's kind of like a walk-in Netflix, where you used to go to rent the latest movies or your favorite classics. Which brings me to my next favorite place: Frankfurt's last great video store, Video City on Freiligrathstraße. The video store used to be located in Sandweg, where film lovers could spend hours strolling through the aisles and discovering countless gems. At the moment you can only browse online, but you can also rent and return films during the lockdown. The video store not only has the latest films on offer, but also many classics - including some that you won't find on any streaming portal. For me, clearly a real favorite place that I really want to recommend to you.

So, now that you know some of my favorite places, I pass on to my dear colleague Melina.

Melina's tips:

Thank you, Sebastian. Today I would like to introduce you to two places that offer pure pleasure and whose visit can be perfectly combined with a nice walk. The first tip is a brand new favorite place I discovered via Instagram: The Eden`s Green. At this new lunch, brunch and breakfast spot on Europa Allee, it was love at first bite for me. Just the sight of the delicacies, which unfortunately can only be offered to go at the moment, makes your mouth water. My tip: Definitely try the B&B boards. You can pre-order them by phone (at least one day in advance) and then simply pick them up. We decided on a Meatboard for 2 persons. You can immediately taste the good quality of the products contained in it. My highlight was the cream cheese dip, but also the wholemeal baguette, the fresh fruit and vegetable sticks, cheese and sausage, as well as the freshly squeezed shots could convince all along the line.

I'm already looking forward to enjoying an extended brunch here with my girlfriends once Eden`s Green is allowed to open its seating as well. Until then, my tip is: take the delicacies in the to go box with you and enjoy them in the Rebstockpark, which is only about ten minutes away on foot, if the weather is nice. That way you'll have plenty of greenery around you while you feast on your delicious brunch with sustainable products.

Another favorite indulgence spot for me is MehlWasserSalz. The vegetarian bakery is located very close to the Main riverbank. I love the homemade sourdough bread and the wonderful brioche, but my real pick is the homemade cake. Taking a slice of that and then sitting down with it on the banks of the Main - for me, that's pure indulgence! Or try the sandwiches - just extremely yummy!

And, are you going to tell us your favorite places now, Magnus?

Magnus` Tips:

But you're welcome, Melina. Your tips have made me quite hungry. First of all, I'll take you on a nice walk to Frankfurt's Nordend. When I still lived here, I liked to walk through the Chinese Garden in the Bethmannpark after a long day at work or even on the weekend, just to clear my head for a few minutes. Here you really feel like in another world - just wonderful! But also Bethmannpark itself is always worth a visit, especially in spring and summer, when everything is blooming in full color.

Another favorite place of mine is the FEIN, a former water house that was converted into a café a few years ago. At the moment you can't have drinks and food on the spot - which is always a wonderful experience due to the colourful furniture of armchairs and sofas - but "to go" you can still get the goodies of course. Whenever I want to have a short feel-good moment on my way downtown, I stop by FEIN.

I have one more tip for you: I've been going on a lot of district explorations lately to get to know as many of the 45 districts of Frankfurt as possible. And since reading is a great way to pass the time in Lockdown, I always go in search of open bookcases. There is always something to browse through and I have often found really great books in the cupboards not only for me but also for my daughter. If you want to go on a bookcase tour, too, you can find a list of all bookcases in Frankfurt's districts HERE.

We hope you enjoyed these favorite places. Of course, we have quite a few other places and locations that make Frankfurt and its surroundings so lovable for us. So we will definitely follow up this blog with a sequel when everything is open again to introduce you to more very special tips from our favorite city.

Until then, feel free to tell us which are your favorite places in Frankfurt. Feel free to write us at

We look forward to your tips!


Autokino Gravenbruch

63263 Neu-Isenburg


Video City Frankfurt

Freiligrathstraße 28

60385 Frankfurt am Main


Eden`s Green

Europa-Allee 101-103

60486 Frankfurt am Main



Domstraße 10

60311 Frankfurt am Main



Petersstraße 4

60313 Frankfurt am Main



Friedberger Landstraße 8

60316 Frankfurt am Main


The way to the northwest runway:

From Frankfurt you can reach the northwest runway either by bike, by cycling along the Main via Schwanheim to Kelsterbach and then a few meters through the city in the direction of Südpark. Then just cycle through the park to the Staudenweiher and then you are already at the beginning of the circular route. The paths are well signposted, but in case of need you will surely find someone in Kelsterbach who can show you the right way. You can also take the S-Bahn to Kelsterbach and follow the Waldstraße in the direction of the S-Bahn until you reach the Südliche Ringstraße. There you will see the big parking garage "Platzhirsch" on the left side. Walk along it until you reach the Staudenweiher and then you will see the runway behind it.

A post by

Sebastian Betzold

Melina Georgiadis

Magnus Matern

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