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Attractive photo spots in Frankfurt - from historical to street art

15.09.2021 | 12:43 Clock | Frankfurt
Attractive photo spots in Frankfurt - from historical to street art
Attractive photo spots in Frankfurt - from historical to street art
Attractive photo spots in Frankfurt - from historical to street art

- Advertorial -

Photography has been one of the most popular hobbies for people around the world for over 100 years. With ever-improving technology, convenient photo editing software and the mobile phone as "camera-to-go"always with you, even amateurs with no previous experience are now able to take great pictures. In addition, in recent years, social media have become the platform for better and better photos, through which a large audience can be reached.

But to stand out from the crowd, you just need the motif with that certain something. Always new photos of the Frankfurt Römer or the Städelmuseum, be they ever so technically well implemented, are hardly eye-catchers anymore, neither in the picture frame at home nor in social media.

But the city of Frankfurt and its surroundings also offer more unconventional, rarely photographed motifs that can create a wow effect.

The Palm Garden

Admittedly, the more than 150-year-old Palmengarten and the associated Botanical Garden is not an insider tip. Annually, around 650,000 tourists and locals visit the exotic plants (as of 2019). But if you bring a little leisure, take time to observe, open your eyes to details, you can shoot wonderful close-ups of the plants. Also, the newest attraction, the flower and butterfly house, allows you to take wonderful detail shots of exotic butterflies in their element.

With 7.00 EUR for adults, the entrance fee is moderate and you can relax while photographing wonderful in the exotic environment.

Motorway underpass at Hanauer Landstraße

This is one of the best locations for street art in Frankfurt. If you want to take cool "snapshots" with your phone in front of an urban backdrop, you'll find inspiration here. Also spontaneous-looking fashion photos can be staged perfectly against this background.

And if you still want a cool motif for a personalized cell phone case, like a iPhone 12 Case, needs, he has found the right thing right away with the self-shot street art photo.

Goethe University: Westend Campus

The listed buildings of the Temple of Knowledge are set in historic parks with water features and provide a wonderfully picturesque backdrop, especially in summer. The premises can also be booked for events, if you plan to photograph an event.


Frankfurt has numerous impressive bridges over the river Main to offer, which are ideal as photo motifs at any time of day or year.

The Raft Bridge

Especially on clear days, the Ignatz Bubis Bridge is clearly visible from here.

The Ignatz Bubis Bridge

From here you can shoot east towards the cathedral and the skyline. Thus, the location offers an excellent perspective to the sunset.

The Western Harbour with the Main-Neckar Bridge and the Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is illuminated blue in the evening, which is especially visible from the Theodor-Stern-Kai.

The Main-Neckar Bridge, dating from the late 19th century, is also an impressive photo location. The railway bridge offers with its steel truss an impressive background for shots and can be easily walked on a pedestrian path.

When taking photos on bridges with your smart phone, you should make sure you have suitable cell phone accessories pay attention, such as a tripod, so you can take clear, professional photos. Bridges are not rigid, they need to be in motion to prevent breakage under constant stress. Therefore, even a passing jogger, or even wind, can cause fluctuations. A tripod will help you keep the phone as steady as possible to compensate somewhat for the fluctuations.

Frankfurt Bornheim

The approximately 30.000 inhabitants counting district Bornheim belongs to the city of Frankfurt since 1877. Here are numerous historical timbered houses with gardens and small alleys that always offer picturesque photo opportunities. Berger Straße, for example, the old Bornheim town hall or the area around St. Joseph's Church and the Bornheim cemetery offer picturesque backdrops. Small tip: Deviate from the main streets and roam through the alleys, it's worth it at any time of year.

Frankfurt Bockenheim

The 42.000 inhabitants strong district Bockenheim counts since 1895 to Frankfurt. If you prefer historic townhouses to half-timbered houses as a photo backdrop, you'll definitely find what you're looking for here. Special highlights are the St.Elisabeth Church, the E-Werk in the Ohmstraße or the historic Bockenheimer Warte.


Frankfurt is a city with fascinating facets away from the Römer and skyline. If you set out with a fresh eye, you will find hidden location gems and varied photo spots all over the city.

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