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Holiday feelings in Frankfurt - seven super favorite tips

26.07.2019 | 10:00 Clock | Leisure
Holiday feelings in Frankfurt - seven super favorite tips
Holiday feelings in Frankfurt - seven super favorite tips
Holiday feelings in Frankfurt - seven super favorite tips

The other day I was talking to a colleague. To excuse him, I have to mention right away that he has been living in Frankfurt for a really very short time. And also moved from Berlin ;-)

Anyway, he is new in Frankfurt and therefore let himself be carried away to the statement that it is nicer here with us on the Main than expected.

(Yes, what was he thinking, I thought to myself.)

So yes, that it is indeed nicer than expected. But especially now in summer, he would miss the "vacation feeling" in the city. Me: Sigh.

Berlin would have the unbeatable Wannsee, he complained. Etc. pp. You can guess the rest. If I now subtract the homesickness factor and give him credit for the acclimatization aspect, then I still felt challenged purely factually.

You want holiday feeling? In Frankfurt we have so much holiday feeling that you can't even get out of chilling, I would have loved to shout at him.

But I continued to breathe calmly and began to collect beautiful places in my head.

A holiday feeling? Chilling, being active or discovering new things? Vacations, after all, everyone lives out in their own way.

Some have been known to clean out the basement. Good. To each his own. But if you're like me and like to stick your feet in the sand, take a few laps (or a few more) through the water and then get on your bike on days with pleasant temperatures, then you'll find countless offers for that in Frankfurt and its surroundings!

Here are my seven super favorite tips!

What goes with a vacation? Some cool drinks, mellow rhythms and chilling out or actively scrambling through the undergrowth? Discovering something new? Or a little bit of everything?

1. Open air cinema in the summer outside cozily with coolers and good entertainment under the open sky? Stretching out on a picnic blanket and enjoying the night? Numerous venues offer outdoor movie watching. A special setting is available through August 4 at Shorts at Moonlight at Höchster Schloss - which, in its own words, is "Germany's most successful short film festival."

2. Unbeatable especially for families are the numerous water play parks. At the Nidda or in the Güntherburgspark, the bubbling fun is of course booming in view of the heat!

3. The beach bars on the Main please? The rooftop bars? Where do I start when one evokes more of an "aha" feeling than the other? Currently, I prefer to climb onto the roof of the "Sofitel" at the Alte Oper. With its manageable size, the terrace offers an intimate ambience with spectacular views.

4. Cycling in the green belt. Your way should lead you to Fechenheim. There you will discover spectacular new things - even if, at the moment, they are still dredging and digging! A natural paradise of the finest is being created directly on the Main. The "small oxbow" gets 34 000 square meters of water surface, will be 550 meters long, up to 80 meters wide and at the deepest point four meters deep.

5. What is the small "oxbow"? It snakes through the arch of the Main, is connected to the Main in two places. This will create a small island. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? The towpath will be redesigned at the same time. It will be moved from the banks of the Main and redone up and over 1200 meters.

6. How about one of the numerous bathing lakes around Frankfurt? You dream of a sandy beach, sunbathing lawn and lots of nature? Then off to the Spessart! About 25 kilometers away from Frankfurt you will find the "Strandbad Spessartblick" - bathing islands, adventure playground and barbecue area included. Leisure heart, what do you want more?

7. Forest lovers dive into the swimming pool near Rüsselsheim - in the middle of pines a natural quarry pond waits dreamily for guests. Shady spots can be found around the shore lined with reeds and willows at the forest swimming pool.

And where do you find the ultimate holiday feeling in Frankfurt?

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