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The big cleanup - Frankfurt and #cleanffm

15.03.2019 | 07:59 Clock | Frankfurt
The big cleanup - Frankfurt and #cleanffm
The big cleanup - Frankfurt and #cleanffm
The big cleanup - Frankfurt and #cleanffm

Around Frankfurt's Ostbahnhof the garbage flies around. Bags here, stuff there. Does it have to be like that? Let's get this straight. I am not a cleaning freak. Quite the opposite. But is a city full of rubbish worth living in?

There are around 7500 rubbish bins in the city. That's an imposing number, one would think.

My experience can be divided into three parts: 1. Hooray, a bin, 2. Hooray a bin, but unfortunately it's totally cluttered and not emptied or - the super gau - 3. Oh horror, no bin. From my point of view as a dog owner, points 2 and 3 are really unattractive.

The idea of avoiding rubbish may be honourable. But I don't find it that effective in my case. One of the biggest problems in Frankfurt are pizza boxes and paper cups for coffee-to-go.

According to FES, the volume of wastepaper basket contents has increased significantly in the past five years, estimated at one and a half times. Yet the city has just installed more than 500 new wastebaskets as part of its #cleanffm campaign.

FUN Fact:it takes around 15 minutes to install a bin. Chaka!

One or two of you may have spotted these nice green bins with a saying on them already?

What does the city's cleanliness campaign want? #Cleanffm is a campaign that includes more public litter bins, so-called cleanliness ambassadors targeting people in busy parks, for example, information stands, information given and received via social media channels.

Wake up the cleaner in you!

The big clean up is coming up this month: "World Clean up Day" is dedicated to all of us and not only takes place worldwide and all over Germany. No, in Frankfurt are called to clean up to create an environment we feel like.

What is happening in Frankfurt on "World Clean up Day"

Now is the time to clean up! At the Frankfurter Garten in the Ostend, all clean-up enthusiasts can gather to clean up the area from the clutter lying around. Highlight: With this community action also times the exciting project for climatic and bee protection in the middle in the city to become acquainted!

Immediately one week later it goes motivated further: Because to the "Earth Hour", to 30.3. at 19.30 clock, the WWF Youth presents plastic waste as an art installation on the theme of "Biodiversity of the oceans and their threat."

Who now thinks: "Phew, plastic, what do I care?", I may kindly draw attention to Clean Fact #47: There is now more plastic in the ocean than plankton.

For those of you who are really in the mood for nature and a trip around the world: The rainforest is close by - because the Tropicarium has reopened its doors in the Palmengarten!

· WORLD CLEAN UP DAY, 24.3., Danziger Platz

· EARTH HOUR, 30.3. , 20:30 to 21.30 Uhr

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