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The Palmengarten - Where Frankfurt's green heart beats

from: Sabine Börchers

published: Societäts Verlag

on 05.04.2021

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In 2021, the Palmengarten Frankfurt celebrates a very special anniversary. The "green living room of the city" will be 150! Despite the Corona pandemic and the associated restrictions, the anniversary is to be celebrated in a fitting manner. In addition to a large anniversary exhibition, the grand opening of the new flower and butterfly house in the summer and a musical accompanying program, this special birthday will also be celebrated with the book "Der Palmengarten - Wo Frankfurts grünes Herz schlägt". Sabine Börchers, who has already immersed us in the history of the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten or the Tigerpalast in previous books, not only travels with the readers through the 150-year history of the Palmengarten.

More importantly, her book is as multifaceted as the Palmengarten itself. In fascinating texts and wonderful pictures, the wonderful place is illuminated in every season. Staff members, visitors and special friends of the Palmengarten have their say and a truly gripping look behind the scenes is given. The many leisure activities of the past decades are also illuminated here. In the process, one learns some truly surprising things - such as that the legendary rock band Queen performed in the Great Festival Hall in December 1974, or that the Palmengarten was one of the city's most important sporting venues in the 19th century.

The chapter "A Day at the Palmengarten" is especially nice, as it illustrates very well how much work and dedication goes into keeping a place like this running. Director Dr. Katja Heubach tells us in the final chapter of this book how this will continue to succeed in the future. It is exciting to learn how the Palmengarten has developed over the last 150 years and where the journey will take it in the future. In the process, it also becomes clear again and again what significance the Palmengarten has - for the city as well as for all citizens.

Numerous, truly beautiful pictures from the past and present, exciting facts and entertaining anecdotes, history and stories about one of the most beautiful places in the city - all this makes this book on the 150th anniversary of the Palmengarten so worth reading. Here one gets to know the place, "where Frankfurt's green heart beats" really once again completely new. This 272-page volume should really be purchased by everyone who loves the Palmengarten! Absolutely recommendable!

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