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Sauerkraut coma

Sauerkraut coma

Deutschland 2018 - with Sebastian Bezzel, Simon Schwarz, Eisi Gulp, Lisa Maria Potthoff ...

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Movie info

Direction:Ed Herzog
Cinema release:02.08.2018
Production country:Deutschland 2018
Running time:Approx. 96 min
Rated:From 12 years

The Eberhofer Franz (Sebastian Bezzel) is back on duty. He has just finally got his relationship with his girlfriend Susi (Lisa Maria Potthoff) on the right track, when the mayor (Thomas Kügel) throws a spanner in the works again: he transfers the Eberhofer to Munich. What a horror! Here, the inspector from the tranquil town of Niederkaltenkirchen has to share an apartment with Rudi (Simon Schwartz), is supposed to work in a team with other police officers and, to make matters worse, his new superior is Elisabeth Mayerhofer (Nora Von Waldstätten), with whom he had a violent clash during the semolina dumpling affair. As if that wasn't bad enough, an old schoolmate makes a pass at Susi and the car of Eberhofer's dad (Eisi Gulp) is stolen - only to turn up a short time later with a dead body in the boot. But of course a Franz Eberhofer doesn't let all this upset him.

Sauerkrautkoma is now the fifth film adaptation of the popular Eberhofer crime novels by Rita Falk. The previous films have attracted over 2.4 million visitors, mainly in Bavaria, to the cinemas. But the steadily increasing success - also in TV broadcasts - ensures that the films are increasingly coming to cinemas outside the Weißwurst equator. And so Part 5 was released in Frankfurt for the first time directly at the time of its theatrical release. The director is once again Ed Herzog, who has adapted the book with assured routine. Big surprises are not to be expected in the production, rather, the inclined viewer gets exactly what you can expect after four Eberhofer films.

The beginning, however, is a little bumpily implemented. There are a few very amusing dialogues and funny moments, but overall the humor seems a bit forced and too overdone. But before something like real disappointment can set in, the film finds its pace and its very special tone and then works just as well as its predecessors. The actual criminal case, however, becomes a minor matter this time as well. Rather, it is about the wonderful weird characters, especially Franz Eberhofer, who is embodied by Sebastian Bezzel simply congenial.

It's the interplay between Bezzel and Simon Schwarz that provides some really hearty laughs this time as well, especially when it comes to a rather involuntary cohabitation. The relationship problems between Franz and Susi, on the other hand, seem to slowly die down a bit. However, the film gets its act together towards the end - although we won't go into that here, as we don't want to give away one or two nice surprises. But this much can be said: Franz and Susi's relationship is what the last ten minutes are dominated by and what makes for some quite wonderful moments here.

Sauerkrautkoma is not the best installment in the Eberhofer series, but it offers enough quirky fun and dry wordplay to console over a few minor flaws. If you liked the first four films, you'll have a lot of fun again here. For this there is then also a deserved: Worth seeing!

An article by Frankfurt-Tipp


  • Sauerkraut coma
  • Sauerkraut coma
  • Sauerkraut coma
  • Sauerkraut coma
  • Sauerkraut coma
  • Sauerkraut coma
  • Sauerkraut coma
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