CAVALLUNA - Secret of Eternity

This event has already taken place!
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Festival Hall
Event dates:
25.02.2023 - 15:00 Clock (Saturday)
25.02.2023 - 20:00 Clock (Saturday)
26.02.2023 - 14:00 Clock (Sunday)
26.02.2023 - 18:30 Clock (Sunday)
Festival Hall
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

The success story continues

Under thunderous applause and with full stands, the new show "CAVALLUNA - Secret of Eternity" celebrated its premiere in mid-October in Riesa, Saxony. After an intensive period of preparation and rehearsals, the entire team is now looking forward to presenting the new program to big and small fans in the coming months. With a total of 34 cities in Germany and Europe, this year's tour is one of the biggest in recent years and seamlessly continues the success of past shows.

Until the end of June 2023, "Secret of Eternity" now enchants young and old with impressive scenery, spectacular horsemanship and fantastic dance choreographies. Also this time the organizer relies again on the creative team around Klaus Hillebrecht, who was already responsible as an author, director as well as composer for the last CAVALLUNA shows. Of course, Europe's best show riders will also be taking part: In addition to well-known stars such as the teams around Luís Valença and Filipe Fernandes from Portugal, who shine in harmonious performances of classical dressage, as well as the popular trick riders of the Hasta Luego Academy from southern France, who take the spectators' breath away with daring stunts on, next to and under the horse, new team members such as Emma Tytherleigh with her funny four-legged friends and the Spaniard Carlos Román with donkey "Caramelo" will also show their skills. The audience can also look forward to Laury Tisseur with his action-packed Hungarian Post, the funny mini-shettys of Bartolo Messina as well as the Belgian artist Sylvie Willms, who will touch the hearts of young and old with a fascinating freedom dressage.

With 53 horses as well as a donkey and for the first time a dog, the riders and an international dance ensemble, Europe's most popular horse show takes the audience this time to the far reaches of Central America and tells an inspiring story: The native Mamey and the shepherd boy Joaquim both embark on an adventurous journey - without knowing about each other's mission - to return the magic Stone of Eternity to its place of origin and thus save the Guyavos tribe from its demise. On their way, they must face many dangers and stand up to the power-mad Arturo, who wants to steal this special stone for his own purposes with the help of his band of horsemen, the wild Cocorochos...

"CAVALLUNA - Secret of Eternity" is on the road until the end of June 2023 in 34 cities throughout Germany and Europe and promises with a harmonious interplay of touching moments, funny comedy numbers and fast-paced action against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes with tropical forests and colorful villages a show experience in a class of its own for the whole family.

CAVALLUNA - Secret of Eternity
March 2023
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