KiezPalast - The Old Opera House dives: underground

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Old Opera House
Event dates:
Old Opera House
Opernplatz 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main

From Gluck to Stravinsky, from Heiner Goebbels to Hildegard Knef, from tango to film music. An orchestral concert with songs and scenes, sounds and lyrics

ULRICH TUKUR moderation, acting, singing, accordion



A new format celebrates its premiere: In the KiezPalast, which the Alte Oper Frankfurt has developed together with the hr-Sinfonieorchester and will perform once per season in the future, high culture is combined with profound, baroque meets chanson, film music meets tango, text meets music. A central role is played by actor Ulrich Tukur, who moderates, sings, recites, performs and plays the accordion to guide the audience through the various eras, genres and stylistic worlds.

In the first edition of the KiezPalast on Thursday, 2. February 2023, Ulrich Tukur and the hr-Sinfonieorchester under the direction of Roland Kluttig descend together into dark parallel worlds: "The Old Opera dives" is the motto on this evening at 20:00 in the Great Hall. The selected orchestral works will range from Mozart's hellish worlds from "Don Giovanni" to Wagner's Nibelheim or from Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King" to Gluck's underworld, into which he sends his Orpheus. But we will also hear about sinister nightclubs with "degenerate subjects" as in Hildegard Knef's "Man with the Harmonica," about the working worlds of the classic film "Metropolis," about "imminent danger" in Arnold Schoenberg's work, or about the gloomy figures Kurt Weill brought to life in his setting of the "Threepenny Opera."

Moderator Ulrich Tukur, in any case, is already tuning the audience into the evening's creepy factor: "I will lead you through underworlds whose existence you would never have thought possible. You will be amazed at everything there is to see and discover - and you will be frightened by the abysses over which you balanced without suspecting it! I will be there waiting for you!"

KiezPalast - The Old Opera House dives: underground
March 2023
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