Lewis Capaldi

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Lewis Capaldi is one of the most successful artists from UK and already broke some sales and chart records. His song "Someone You Loved," released in 2019, initially stayed at the top of the UK charts for seven weeks, rose to the top of the Billboard charts in the U.S., received a BRIT Award and was nominated for a Grammy. Ultimately, "Someone You Loved" was the single that stayed in the Top 10 the longest in the history of the UK charts and is one of the top five most streamed songs on Spotify with more than 2.5 billion streams. Several arena tours around the world followed - some of which sold out in less than ten minutes. Now the 26-year-old Scotsman announced not only a new, currently untitled album for 2023, but also a tour in Germany, which will also take him to Frankfurt in February.

Sometimes a single song is enough to cause a sensation. Lewis Capaldi managed to do just that. When he uploaded his very first self-penned song, "Bruises," to online music services after finishing college in the summer of 2017, the touching track became one of the most influential debut singles of the year overnight, garnering over ten million listens in a very short time on Spotify alone and now stands at nearly 850 million plays. A few months later, Capaldi went on his first UK tour, which immediately sold out completely - he was the first artist to fill even the biggest arenas before a debut album had even been released. He went on to have success after success, selling out four headline tours around the globe in ten months alone. Nevertheless, he found time to finish his eagerly awaited debut album "Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent", which was released in May 2019 and crashed into the Top 10 overnight in almost all European nations. After just a few weeks, Capaldi secured a new record for the best-selling debut album by a British artist in the entire last decade.

Capaldi accomplished all of this with music that was by no means produced specifically for the charts or the pop market. His productions are kept simple and emphatically simple, early downright raw, but honest. No matter what else one listens to and stylistically prefers, the pure emotionality in the songwriting and the breathtaking multi-facetedness of Lewis Capaldi's vocals ultimately seem to reach everyone and carry them away. Such an authentic musician, oscillating between deep melancholy and subtle hope, is not often encountered.

Universal saw in Lewis Capaldi one of the great new discoveries. They should be right, because after the already highly successful first singles, he easily eclipsed all previous successes with the "Someone You Loved" released in late 2019. All this was just the prelude to the unstoppable world career of a musician and singer who transmits emotions so directly into melodies and lines of lyrics that can be instantly empathized with.

Dass Capaldi, who in principle likes to perform live with a band, actually needs nothing more than his quite jangly sharp-sounding electric guitar as well as his outstanding voice, which playfully switches between purest falsetto and grumbling baritone, he now also proves on his second album announced for early 2023. It was created exactly like the debut, he recently revealed in a radio interview: No big studios and thick productions, but an extremely simple recording setup, surrounded by the same friends with whom he already worked on the debut. And that's all it takes. Because Capaldi doesn't just sing and play his songs, he lives them anew every time - as the new advance single "Forget Me" also proves aptly.

Lewis Capaldi
March 2023
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