MEDLZ at the Grüne Soße Festival

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Entry: From 64,80 Euro
Roßmarkt Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main

The female a cappella band MEDLZ is going on a big best-of tour and will be on stage at the Grüne Soße Festival on May 11. Together with their audience, they want to reminisce and bring the favorites from all past programs to the stage. From "Rammstein" to "Beauty and the Beast" - there's something for everyone on this evening. Anyone who has experienced the MEDLZ knows that being close to the audience is particularly important to them. Their guiding principle is always: entertainment! With their self-deprecating humor and deep power of movement, the MEDLZ manage to either make every concert hall go wild or create an emotional silence in which you can hear the proverbial pin drop.

Their modern sound never lacks bass and beat - on the contrary. With well-dosed percussion, they manage to create pop and rock sounds so that some guests only realize afterwards that they have experienced an a cappella concert

May 2024
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