Separation for cowards

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The Comedy
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The Comedy
Neue Mainzer Straße 14 – 18
60311 Frankfurt am Main

With: Tina Seydel, Fabian Goedecke, Stefan Müller-Doriat

The comedy "Separation for Cowards" is on the schedule at the Komödie in Frankfurt. The play by Clément Michel was translated into German with a lot of wordplay and comedy by Frank-Lorenz Engel. The Frankfurt production is directed by Stefan Schneider. And that's what the play is about:

Paul and Sophie have been a couple for some time and have recently moved into an apartment together. They are happy. She thinks. He sees it completely differently. Paul finds living together dreadful and consequently wants to separate from Sophie. Unfortunately, Paul lacks the guts to break up with his charming girlfriend. So he seeks help from his best friend Martin. The plan: Martin is to move in with the two of them and misbehave until Sophie demands, "Either he goes or I do." And that's it. Martin is less than enthusiastic about this idea, especially since he finds Sophie likeable. When Paul tells his sweetheart a story about a bereavement in Martin's immediate family, there is no escape for Martin. He agrees to temporarily relocate. For a maximum of one week, no more. Thus begins a ménage à trois of a special kind, which leads to some surprising twists and turns. For who would have thought that Sophie would set her ambition on providing therapy for poor, loss-stricken Martin? In this comedy, Clément Michel takes a close look at the breaking points of human relationships. With fast dialogues, biting humor and a sure sense of timing and situational comedy, the author draws a revealing as well as entertaining picture of a modern and special constellation of three.

Performances until 7. May 2023 (Tue - Sat at 8pm, Sun 6pm, Mondays play-free)

Separation for cowards
June 2023
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