Tai Chi with Gisa Anders

This event has already taken place!
Event dates:
| 17:30 - 18:30 Uhr (Wednesday)
Entry: 10,00 Euro
An der Welle 8 (Erdgeschoss)
60322 Frankfurt am Main

In the Tai Chi taster course with Gisa on 17.04.2024 you will learn to improve your well-being and health in a gentle way. Tai chi chuan is an art of movement that aims to harmonize yin and yang. Through the gentle, calm and graceful movements, the Ch'i, the life energy, is activated and distributed to the various organ systems via the meridians, the pathways of the body.

The Taoist health exercises are practiced in class before learning the form. Later, after learning the form, the deeper levels of Yin/Yang, Ch'i form (arm spiral), center movement, knee spiral, neck spiral, push hands, etc. can be learned.

Tai Chi with Gisa Anders
May 2024
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