THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! Tour 2023

This event has already taken place!
stage Ampersand book - Musicals
Old Opera House
Event dates:
Opernplatz 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main

THIS is the GREATEST SHOW!!! - visitors and critics alike agree - was the 2022 show sensation for all musical fans. Sold-out theaters, more than 30,000 spectators, standing ovations and storms of enthusiasm every night. After this terrific success THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! comes also 2023 again on the stages of Germany and Austria back.

The large and celebrated cult finale with all hits from the cinema world success "Greatest Showman" may not be missing naturally in the program 2023, but this time turns with THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! is (almost) all about the musical stage successes of recent years. The show stops at classics such as "Dirty Dancing," "The Ice Queen," "Elisabeth," "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Mamma Mia!", "Moulin Rouge," "Starlight Express" or "Dance of the Vampires" and at the same time also dives into new musical worlds. Thus, visitors are taken on a journey through red-hot highlights such as "Dear Evan Hansen," "Hamilton," "KU'DAMM 56," "The Prom," "Robin Hood," "& Juliet" or "Three Musketeers."

Presented is THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! by Jan Ammann, Andreas Bieber, Maya Hakvoort, Drew Sarich and Michaela Schober - five of the very big musical stars of Germany and Austria. But that's not all! Jonas Hein and Friedrich Rau, together with the Showman Singers, a top-class vocal ensemble put together especially for the show, will ensure plenty of movement and sound explosions on stage and ignite a fireworks display of great voices. And of course, THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! must not be without an outstanding live band, which will provide a rousing sound.

The concept of the show is in the proven hands of musical professional Andreas Luketa of Sound Of Music-Concerts. Direction and choreography are by Yara Hassan. The musical direction takes Philipp Gras.

THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! 2023 - that's fresh, modern, rousing, romantic and sometimes crazy musical entertainment in premium quality full of surprises.

THIS is the GREATEST SHOW! Tour 2023