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Baked goat cheese

Per person: two slices of goat cheese natural or with herbs, each weighing about 150 g; also: 1 egg, breadcrumbs, (for cheese natural: Provence herbs), salt, garlic (to taste).

Whisk the egg with the spices, turn the cheese slices first in the seasoned egg, then in the breadcrumbs. Fry in hot oil in a pan on both sides until the breading is crispy brown - not too long or the cheese will run. Goes well with potatoes and vegetables.


Hofgemeinschaft Rönshausen in Eichenzell near Fulda

Nearly forty years ago it was when the industrial clerk from Worms, the educator from Bad Homburg and the geologist from Warsaw considered together how they wanted to live in the future. They finally started with a farm for self-sufficiency. As green, organic farmers, of a free church denomination to boot, and all this in the black Rhön! This was probably connected with conflicts and all kinds of other turbulences. In the meantime, however, things have changed from the ground up. "I ran for district administrator last year and got over thirty percent of the votes as a Green in Rönshausen," Helmut Schönberger tells with pride.

On farm animals live goats, about 25 dams of Rhön sheep, then horses, Bunte Bentheimer pigs and Thuringian bearded chickens on the fifteen-hectare farm. However, the organic farm community has specialized in goat milk products, which are refined in the farm's own cheese dairy from the milk of the sixteen own goats.

"Goats are to a greater extent individual creatures than sheep, which feel comfortable in the herd. Goat milk is first of all particularly healthy and can also be used as a homeopathic remedy, for example for neurodermatitis. Our goat cheeses are more from the gut and not based on a market analysis."

Rönshäuser's goat cheeses are of a mild nature, "not like the French ones, which have a certain severity, our cheeses do not have that". They come as fresh cheeses, semi-hard cheeses and as aged hard cheeses called Caprino. In flavours natural, with local herbs as well as with paprika/garlic or with wild garlic.

Rightly sharp goat cheeses, as known from the Loire region and which taste so wonderfully with noble sweet wine, are unfortunately not produced by the Rönshäusern. "We don't make them because they wouldn't sell. We also can't present the cheeses the way you're used to in France, where you see the cheeses lying on boards at the markets, sometimes shriveled and unsightly, so in this country the health department would shut you down right away."

They came to the Rhön back then because of the beautiful landscape and the low prices for land. "Here we could afford a farm of this size, which would have been completely impossible in the Wetterau or even in the Frankfurt area." They did not want to expand their farming, Schönberger says. Rather, he is thinking in the direction of school farms and organic farm tours.

Bioland Hofgemeinschaft Rönshausen
Rohingstr. 22-24
36124 Eichenzell-Rönshausen (near Fulda)
Tel: 06659-3287, Fax: 918789
E-mail: <link>
Homepage: <link http: _blank>

from Waldemar Thomas