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Frankfurter Sausage Salad

You can do so many delicious things with frankfurters. Without question, this includes frankfurter sausage salad, for which you will need the following ingredients:


- 6-8 frankfurters


- 40 grams of jerky

- 2-3 onions

- vinegar

- oil

- pepper

- parsley

- Salt

- 3 tbsp meat broth


First you need to heat the frankfurters in hot water, being careful not to boil them. Then, cut the meat and onions into small cubes and fry them in a little oil. Once this is done, deglaze the cubes with a little vinegar and the meat stock and let the resulting marinade boil well. Now season to taste with salt and pepper. Now chop the parsley and cut the sausages into small slices. Mix everything with the marinade and the sausage salad is ready to serve! Add a nice piece of brown bread and a glass of the "guude Stöffche" - and your day is saved!